64 Years of Tradition!

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Convention Update

Thank you to everyone who has made this year's convention registration a success. We regret to inform you that we have now closed registration for the 2013 IAMPETH convention in Alburquerque, NM. If you have any question regarding your registration please click here to email Bill Kemp.

The 64th Annual
IAMPETH Convention

July 8-13, 2013
Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town
Albuquerque, New Mexico



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Logo design by: Bill Lilly

Over the past few IAMPETH conventions the logos have really struck me as both interesting and very clever in using a pen nib, a guitar, a beautiful ‘M’ in Milwaukee and flourished lettering for the specific conventions.  For the 2013 convention I wanted to keep that idea of lettering, but use someone that I admire a great deal.  I have been working with this Pen Master for more than 10 years and wanted him to write the logo for the 2013 convention.  Some of the IAMPETH members do not know him, but he is a graduate from the Zanerian College of Penmanship.  Mr. William “Bill” Lilly graduated from the Zanerian College back in 1952 with a gold seal on his certificate, which is the highest honor one could receive from the College.  Mr. Lilly’s instructor during his stay at the College was Mr. Earl Lupfer.  Mr. Lupfer’s work can be seen and studied in The Zanerian Manual of Alphabets and Engrossing.  Mr. Lupfer wrote the first section of the manual on Roundhand or Engrosser’s Script.  Many members of IAMPETH and outside penmen, and penwomen, have been influenced by Mr. Lilly’s teachings.  I am happy to say I am one of those individuals.  When I asked Mr. Lilly if he would write the logo, there was no hesitation in his response to my inquiry.  The only thing we had to discuss was the color of ink.  Mr. Lilly believes that black ink is a little boring and really only uses colored inks and red is one of his favorite colors.  I agreed with him to do it in red, which is how it is presented here.  I wanted to provide a little background on who wrote the logo and hope you enjoy it.

Yours Truly,

Bill Kemp