A Special Thank You

It takes a lot of hours to scan these classic books and make them available for all to enjoy. IAMPETH sends a very special thank you to the dedicated members that make this collection possible.

The books were scanned by:

Nick D’Aquanno
Lessons in Practical Penmanship - Behrensmeyer
Oberlin Business College Compendium
C W Jones - Lessons in Engravers Script
C W Jones - 95 Lessons in Ornamental Penmanship
Kelchner Complete Compendium of Plain & Practical Penmanship
Lessons in Advanced Engravers Script - Madarasz
McDonald Business Academy - Penmans Leisure Hour
Modern Business Penmanship - Edward C Mills
Enoch Noyes - Noyes Penmanship
The IAMPETH Scrapbooks

Bob Hurford
Art of Penmanship by Eleazer Huntington, 1821
Art of Writing by John Jenkins 1813
The Clinton Clark scrapbooks
Francis Courtney Scrapbook
Gems of Penmanship, John S. Duncan 1858
How to Become A Good Penman, Fredrick Tamblyn
Muster Alphabete, circa 1885
Sykes Manual of Penmanship
Practical Penmanship Being A Development of the Carstarian System by Benjamin Franklin Foster, 1830
Penmanship Made Easy by George Comer & Oliver Linton 1864
New Zanerian Alphabets by CP Zaner 1900

Dr. Joseph Vitolo
The Secret of the Skill of Madarasz (The Madarasz Book)
Knowles and Maxim's Real Pen Work (c. 1880)
Standard Practical Penmanship (Spencerian) (c.1880)
Ames - The Daniel T. Ames Notebook
The Blue Book
The Steel Pen Trade: 1930-1980
Lessons in Ornamental Penmanship, P.Z. Bloser, 1948
Theory of Spencerian Penmanship (c. 1870)
Spencerian Script and Ornamental Penmanship, Volume I
WA Baird's Lessons in Round hand Script from the Business Educator
Lessons in Practical Penmanship, Behrensmeyer
Palmer’s Penmanship Budget (1919)
WE Dennis’ Studies in Pen Art
Gems of Penmanship by Williams & Packard, 1867
CC Canan: Collection of Penmanship, 1921
The Spencerian Compendium

Daniel North
Champion Method of Practical Business Writing, Mary L. Champion
Lessons in Ornamental Penmanship, P.Z. Bloser, 1948

Heather Held
Bible Pearls of Promise - Real Pen-work Publishing, 1867
Gaskell's Complete Compendium of Elegant Writing, G.A. Gaskell, 1879

Leenah Jimenez
Gems of Flourishing, C.P. Zaner, 1888

James Ivey
The Palmer Method of Business Writing, 1935 - A.N. Palmer
Metodo Palmer de Caligrafia Comercial, A.N. Palmer, 1949

Bill Kemp
Real Pen Work Compendium of Penmanship, 1880
The Edward C. Mills Collection