Lessons in Calligraphy and Penmanship
Spencerian Script

Welcome to the IAMPETH Lessons pages. Here you will find a wealth of material for learning calligraphy and penmanship. Cursive handwriting, Ornamental Penmanship, Copperplate, Spencerian script - we have lessons on these and much more.

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Spencerian Script   Example

Spencer's New Standard Writing, Spencer Brothers, 1884
Practical Penmanship, Spencer Brothers, 1885
Spencerian Ladies' Hand
Spencerian Script, taken from Real Penwork, 1881
Principles of Spencerian Script, Seldom Dunton, 1863
Henry Cadam Letter, a beautiful sample of writing
Letter to Henry Cadam, another beautiful sample
Gaskell's Compendium of Forms (the section on Writing), G.A. Gaskell, 1883

Spencerian Ladies Hand

Spencerian Ladies Hand exemplar 1
Spencerian Ladies Hand exemplar 2

Study as much as you practice.
Know what you want to execute.
Use only the best materials.
Keep your pens very clean.
Watch your slant carefully.
Master one style at a time.
Sit up, don't slouch, and breathe regularly.

- Louis Madarasz (view image)