Inside the Penman's Studio
An interview series with IAMPETH Penmen and Pen Artists
hosted by Dr. Joseph M. Vitolo

At the 2011 IAMPETH Annual Convention, Dr. Vitolo decided it was time to interview some of the penmen of today to preserve a legacy of excellence for the penmen of tomorrow. We hope you enjoy them.

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Dr. Joseph M. Vitolo
Penman & Engrosser's Script Specialist

Table of Contents

Rosemary Buczek - IAMPETH Master Penman and President 2001
Irene and Dan Calendo - IAMPETH Presidents 1977, 1982, 1987
Janie Cravens - IAMPETH President 2008
Harvest Crittenden - IAMPETH Master Penman
John DeCollibus - IAMPETH Master Penman
Bob Hurford - Editor IAMPETH Penman's Journal 2002-2010
Rick Muffler - IAMPETH Master Penman and President 1997, 1998
Vivian Mungall - IAMPETH Master Penman and President 2009
Rich and Vivian Mungall - Ziller of Kansas City
Michael Sull - IAMPETH Master Penman and President 2000
Jake Weidmann - IAMPETH Master Penman