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Scanned from personal letters, rare books and vintage penmanship magazines, within these documents you will find a wealth of information on calligraphy, engrossing, the history of American Penmanship, and Master Penmen from the past.  You may want to do a "Search" if you are looking for something specific.

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Acidity of inks  What about the acidity of ink? This seems to be a point of ongoing talk on various discussion sites.

Addy, William  William Addy (b. 1618, d. 1695?)- William Addy is best known as the author of a system of shorthand, founded upon that of Jeremiah Rich

American Copybooks  An Outline of their History from Colonial to Modern Times by Stanley Morison

Ayers, John (1680-1705)  John Ayres was the most eminent writing-master of his day

Bailey, J.J. - Memorial by Eileen Richardson  This issue is dedicated to the memory of Canada's foremost penman, J. J. Bailey and his lovely wife, Mary.

Bailey, J.J. - Memorial by Fred Richardson  J. J. Bailey, Canada's foremost penman, was one of a group of seven who founded the International Association of Master Penmen and Teachers of Handwriting.

Baird, W.A. - Lessons in Engrosser's Script  By way of apology for this course in Roundhand or Engrossing Script, little need be said of this style of penmanship itself. While it is an old style, it seems to be quite popular at the present time, and its popularity seems to be increasing.

Baird, W.A. - Obituary  It is with saddened hearts and a realization of an irreparable loss that we learned of the recent death of our friend, Willis A. Baird, the master engrosser and illuminator of Brooklyn, New York.

Bartow, S.E. - Obituary  Samuel Everett Bartow was a native of Cassville, Ohio. He received his training in the public schools there and later attended the Oberlin, Ohio Business College, which is the present Oberlin College.

Beginning Class in Penmanship, W.D McDaniels and A.N. Palmer  In fact, the mastery of a fluent, plain style of writing is well worth to any one the time and effort expended.

Behrensmeyer, H.P. - One of America's Most Skillful Penmen  H.P. Behrensmeyer was born on February 18, 1868. He received his first penmanship lessons from C. L. Martin followed by a course under Fielding Schofield, who was known as one of America's finest.

Benguria, Enrique - Memorial  We regret to report the death of our Honorary President, Enrique Benguria on April 8, 1985 in New York City, He would have been 92 on May 26.

Bickham, George, Sr. (~1684 - ~1758)  Bickham attained a much higher position as an engraver of calligraphy than as a practitioner of the art.

Blackwell, Buddy - Memorial  It is with heavy heart that I must tell you of the passing from this life of Buddy Blackwell on March 16, 1999.

Blanchard, H.S. - Memorial  Through friends we learned of the death December 31, 1940 of H. S. Blanchard, Los Angeles, Calif., one of America's oldest and finest penmen.

Bloser, E.W. - Memorial Resolutions  As a Penman, he was recognized as one of the finest in the profession, being a product of that famous Oberlin, Ohio, College which gave so many pen. men to the educational world.

Bloser's Ink - A recipe by E.W. Bloser (written before 1929)  Use a large ink well, filling it 3/4 full with pure Arnold's Japan Ink. After using it in the pure state until it gets too dark or thick, thin it with water, strong black coffee (strong enough to KILL A CAT)

Bloser's Ink - A letter by E.W. Bloser  E.W. Bloser, was owner of the Zaner-Bloser Co. in Columbus, Ohio. He described his ink in two paragraphs of a typewritten letter to Daniel W. Hoff, Meadville, Pennsylvania, April 28, 1913

The Blue Book - Compiled by L.E. Stacy, 1907  An amazing compilation of biographical sketches of over 150 Commercial Penmanship Teachers of that era.

Blue, S.M. - Memorial  It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Stanley Matthews Blue, known to many penmen as "Billy" Blue.

Brooks, William (1696-1749)  To Bickham's Universal Penman William Brooks contributed one plate (No- 32), and another plate (No- 50), dated 1720, to his Penmanship in its Utmost Beauty and Extent. Massey says that there is one plate of his in Bickham's Penman's Companion, but no copy of this book has been seen.

Brown, Coats - IAMPETH Member Spotlight  Coats Brown was a senior member of IAMPETH and a truly wonderful gentleman and penman. The following was taken from The IAMPETH Newsletter, Summer 1995

Browne, David  "Master David Browne, His Majesties Scribe, Sainct-Andrewes" is how this writing-master styles himself on the title-page of his Calligraphia which was published in 1622 from the University Press at St Andrews.

Brown, E.L - Display Script - A few helpful hints  We show herewith a sample of script which is very attractive for head-lines, window signs, etc. Study the character of letters carefully.

Brown, E.L - Lessons in Engrossing  Taken from The Educator, December 1953

Brown, E.L. - Lessons in Engrossing  This is quite an important lesson, as it shows the lay-off of a set of resolutions. Attention is called to the diagram showing how the double-curved heading is made.

Brown, E.L. - A Dedication  Taken from the December 1953 issue of The Educator. EL Brown was an all-around penman. He was very skilled with a pointed pen as well as a broad pen and brush.

Brown, E.L - A Dedication by the Zaner-Bloser Company  Edwin L. Brown, the master penman, engrosser, and artist, was born in Camden, Maine, in 1869. In his early youth, he manifested great interest in handwriting and pen work

Brown, E.L. - Engrossing Script, 1907  This is a most useful and profitable style to acquire, and every penman should be able to write a strong, accurate shaded round hand.

Brownfield, W.C. on the death of C.P. Zaner, February 1919  After dropping a sprig of evergreen in the open grave of my dear teacher, I returned home feeling keenly the distinct and awful loss of a courageous, kind-hearted friend.  This one is for Del.

Brownfield, W.C.  Since taking a course in the Zanerian, Mr. Brownfield has been making very rapid progress as a penman and teacher.

Brunet, G.R - A Letter  During the summer, while motoring with my wife to eastern Canada, I made a short stop at Detroit. There it was my privilege to meet one of the greatest living penmen and handwriting experts-one who never grows old.

Bugbee, the most celebrated New England penman, was fully as famous in his section as Spencer was in Ohio. Bugbee taught throughout New Hampshire shire, and some in Vermont.

Business Handwriting by the Editor (E.A. Lupfer), 1955  Most school teachers are today endeavoring to teach their students to write easily and legibly. If we may judge by the sales of textbooks and supplies, much more attention is being given to this important subject than most persons realize.

Canan, C.C., Taken from The Educator, December 1941  From time to time some of our readers, who have heard of the skillful work of C. C. Canan, ask questions regarding him. We are, therefore, printing his photograph and a few facts regarding this unusual penman.

Canan, C.C., Taken from "Collection of Penmanship"  The pen work executed by the late C. C. Canan is of such a high order of skill that we deemed it our duty to reproduce his best efforts in book form so as to preserve them for the benefit of others who' wish to master penmanship.

Card-Carving, by J.D. Carter  This month we present some simple designs in Card Carving which illustrate how card carving can be used on various greeting cards.

Carstairs, Joseph and E. Butterworth, Writing Masters  I checked Sir Amborse Heal's book The English Writing Masters (1580-1800) for info on Carstairs and found it surprisingly wanting. He was mentioned but no biographical info was listed. Therefore, I am posting what I found including the E. Butterworth bio.  - J. Vitolo

Carter Ink Company, Taken from Pen, Ink and Evidence by Joe Nickell  Much ink was made by apothecaries who found they could easily prepare the fluid in quantity and pour it into standard bottles, which they sold with their own labels affixed.

Champion, Mary, from The Champion Method of Practical Business Writing (1921)  This is a complete course in plain business writing, and is intended for use in private and public school, and for self-instruction.

Clark, John, (1683-1736)  Between John Clark and Charles Snell a bitter and undignified controversy arose in the year 1712.

Coca-Cola's logo - Frank M. Robinson  It was Robinson who was responsible for the white spencerian handwriting on red background that would become the most famous trade mark in the world.

Collins, R.S. - Penman and list of Ohio Penmen  R. S. Collins, penman, penmanship instructor, penmanship connoisseur, and world traveler, recently arrived home again after spending a year abroad.

Costaras, Chris J. - An Interview  Obtained a Gold Seal Certificate in Engrossing from The Zanerian College. Signed by R.E. Bloser, P.Z. Bloser and E.A. Lupfer

Costello, P.W. - Obituary  America Loses One of Her Most Skillful Engrossers

Costello, Clark and Courtney  Biographical information