Anne-Davnes Elser: Love, Fear & Flourishing

Love, Fear & Flourishing
Anne-Davnes Elser
Friday, August 10, 2018
All day

Flourishing means to flower, and it must come from within. We easily forget our bodies are made of and for flourishing, when staring down at an intimidating blank piece of paper or a word begging to be flourished. We assume we can’t because we are beginners, because we hesitate, because our hands are shaky, our lines imperfect, and man, that darn pointed pen is so persnickety. We are incredibly hard on ourselves. No one needs to be around to criticize us, because we’ve learned to do that to ourselves. This kind of negative thinking chokes our ability to flower and to thrive, so my approach to flourishing begins with marveling first at the miracle you are, becoming a friend to fear, and then training the eye to see what it needs to see to create flourishes - the OVAL. Armed with a desire and craving for the production of an oval and its innate ability to travel and create solid intersections along the way, I’ll show you just how easy it is to spot opportunities for ovals to be made, by taking cues from the shapes and strokes already there in your letterforms. We’ll train the eye to work from micro to macro, dissecting space into simple shapes of counterbalance, and we’ll work slowly enough to give the eye time to spot opportunities to flourish as we are moving. We’ll begin in pencil, finish in pen, and change the way you feel about the sensuous and loving curves of flourishes. Because of WHO you are and how you’re made, you’re more than capable of finding your flow while creating and improving your flourishes.

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