Barbara Close: Magic Lines

Magic Lines
Barbara Close
Saturday, August 7, 2021

This is a course in developing page design elements with gestures, paying attention to lines that interplay with our text. Lines are in every mark we make - thick, thin, straight, curved, organic and meandering. We make lines with our pens each time we sit down to write, draw, or doodle. We will be creating text blocks of elongated Roman Versals, then contrast them with lines of motion for some very interesting pages.


Practice paper: Canson Pro Layout Marker pad 9 x 12”, Watercolor Pad - 9 x 12” [any brand] -I like Canson, Pointed nibs & holders you like to use for writing, Watercolor brush #2 or #4 with a good tip, a few watercolors, pans or tubes (with mixing tray & palette), a few paper towels, water container, Pencil, a couple of small Tortillians (for shading pencil lines), small jar of Sumi Ink (with a container for dipping a pen), Pigma Micron markers #01 and #08.

Optional Supplies Schmincke gold powder

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