Bob Hurford: Fun with Colored Pencils

Fun with Colored Pencils
Bob Hurford
Saturday, August 11, 2018

When Peter Piper picked his peck of pickled peppers, he picked from a colorful patch. With our colored
pencils, we will paint some colorful peppers. In so doing, we will work to make shiny objects, well. . .shiny! Colors of each pepper will be matched through layering, burnishing and maybe blending. Blending is the final step and may or may not be necessary. We’ll see. Though there are many fine colored pencils on the market, my favorite continues to be Prismacolor, and that’s what I will recommend. Prismacolors are wax-based, lay down brilliant color buttery smooth, and come in 150 mostly lightfast colors (we won’t need nearly all of them). A drawback of Prismacolors is that the points can be fragile and leads may break when sharpening. That’s why glue is included in the supply list. Fixing a broken lead is easy and we’ll cover that. Those who think colored pencils are just one step from crayons will be surprised. Colored pencils are a terrific coloring medium and are painting in every sense of the word. Should we finish the peppers early in the class, I will have some bonus drawings that will not require the purchase of any additional pencils. This will be a fun day!

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