Harvest Crittenden: The Bister Ink Border

The Bister Ink Border
Harvest Crittenden
Friday, July 10, 2020
All day

Bister inks are all the rage right now in the calligraphy world, and for good reason! The inks come in powdered form and can be mixed from the palest of tints to very strong transparent colors; they can also hold up to strong, vibrant lettering for which Amity Parks is so well known. The two projects will be a delicate white vine border and a bolder modern border, both 6” X 6”  and provided on pre-printed paper suitable for painting. The Bister ink powders will be supplied in Yellow, Blue, Red and Neutral. From these, a large array of colors will be mixed. Touches of gold, or other metallic color of your choice, will be incorporated into the designs. This is definitely play time! Instructions for working on other projects will be offered.


(John Neal catalog numbers provided for convenience.) Plastic 30-well mixing tray (#S120-30); 4 LARGE (1/2 ounce) dinky dips (#S856), small ones are not big enough; Pentel Water Brush, size fine 10 mm (#FP93); #10 Shader (#BR60) OR any inexpensive 3/8” flat synthetic brush (size is important, and non-synthetic will stain); Coliro (Finetec) in your choice of color, OR gold paint; at least one glass eye dropper (plastic ones will stain); 4-oz (or larger) bottle to dispense water for mixing colors; black Pigma Micron marker (.25 mm or finer) OR any brand of waterproof marker the same size; water container for cleaning brushes; paper towels; plastic stir stick (i.e. coffee stirrer); apron or smock (inks can be messy and really stain!).


Magnifier if you need one.

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