Heather Victoria Held: The Flowering Flourish

The Flowering Flourish
Heather Victoria Held
Thursday, August 5, 2021
All day

The world of offhand flourishing is peaceful and mediative and traditionally done without preplanning your designs. It is the easiest of all pointed pen skills to learn and you will see results quickly on your page as you continue to practice. Simple botanical elements can add a beautiful touch to your designs. Throughout this playful class we will learn to use pen drawn floral motifs to create cascading corners, gentle swags and blooming borders. We will spend time refining the beautiful curves of the flourish as well learning how the negative spaces allow your work to breathe. We will be exploring colour throughout the class as we add depth to these designs but if you want to keep your supplies minimal, you may choose to work with entirely with pen and ink. Bring a sense of freedom, imagination and the wonder of nature with you as we spend time in the charming world of offhand flourishing. The possibilities are endless!


Your favourite pointed pen and nib (I will be using a straight holder), McCaffery Brown or McCaffery Penman’s Black ink, pencil, eraser, ruler, your favourite practice paper (I will be using Maruman Imagination gridded paper). Colour can be added with coloured pencil, watercolour pencil, or watercolour. If you choose water media, include a small mixing palette, small pointed round brush, paper towel, and water dish. If you choose coloured pencil, you will need a few floral colours.

Optional Supplies Embellishment supplies such as Sakura Gelly Roll Pen Clear Stardust, Finetec Gold Metallic, pastels for background effects. A few sheets of 5”x7” size Hot press watercolour paper, or Strathmore drawing paper. 

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