Jake Weidmann: Pictorial Flourishing

Pictorial Flourishing
Jake Weidmann
Tuesday, July 16, 2019
All day

An in-depth look at composition and execution of beautiful pictorial flourishes. Weidmann will lead you through a day-long course on how to approach various flourished designs, so that you can create works of art all your own. Weidmann will discuss various strokes and techniques to help you gain mastery of this beautiful and whimsical art form. Learn the rules and recipes for dynamic flourishes as well as how to hone your skills in pen manipulation. Come ready to learn, create, and flourish!


Pencil, Eraser, Oblique Pen-holder, Flexible nibs of your choice. Good options: Zebra G, Nikko G, Leonardt Principle EF, Gillott 303. Smooth, plain paper. Good options: Rhodia, Clairefontaine Triomphe, Life Co., Hammermill Bright white copy paper. Cushion sheet: this could be anything from a couple sheets of news paper to a leather blotter, Paper towel, Water.

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