Linda Schneider: Formal Brush Lettering & Designs

Formal Brush Lettering & Designs
Linda Schneider
Thursday, July 18, 2019
All day

Learn formal brush lettering with a pen you can use anywhere, anytime on almost anything to practice, bless others by writing their name or with an encouraging word, and spread the love and art of elegant calligraphy where ever you go. I will share the secret and trick to holding the brush pen so you can get that beautiful thin hairline and gradual thick swells that will make your calligraphy graceful and dancing. We will study and practice an elegant historical hand with options to add fancy flourishes to capitals, ascenders, and descenders and more. Of course we will also have lots of fun and let our flourishes turn into designs and pictorial images for options to put with your lettering and use in cards or framed pieces. An added bonus is learning how to put your formal script on mirrors, chalkboards, and using other fun mediums to make beautiful gifts and build your portfolio for commissioned work. Spreading Acts of Kindness through Calligraphy gives you a unique opportunity to not only put smiles on people’s faces but to practice and remember, practice makes perfect!


One or more small Pentel (SES15-NA) brush markers any color. These are watercolor which makes it even more fun! Any that are your favorite colors. One light warm grey small brush PITT artist pen for shading. Please bring any of your favorite brush markers too! Pencil and Eraser and Layout paper – semi-transparent layout paper, suggested Borden and Riley Boris Layout Paper also and other paper like xerox copy paper or card stock.

Optional Supplies
Fine tip paint marker pen or Bistro Chalk Marker, suggested color white I love the Liquid Chrome Molotov 2mm, a mirror any shape, suggested 5”x7” or smaller easy to carry (purchase at Dollar Store or Goodwill, or something you have at home)Clear ZIG Wink of Stella pen and fun self sticking gens.

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