Maria Helena Hoksch: Seastones: Adding Life to your Formal Copperplate

Seastones: Adding Life to your Formal Copperplate
Maria Helena Hoksch
Tuesday, August 7, 2018
All day

After practicing formal copperplate for long time, it may leave you craving for a script a bit more free, less
measured, expressive...more in tune with this very century. For that, we will turn to nature, specifically to the graceful oval forms found on seashore, polished by waves. Hence the name- Seastones. We will create a lovely, even somewhat romantic version of copperplate. It will be anything but rigid, but energetic and flowing. We will learn to add ovals to capitals, then to create words with subtle flourishes, lines of words somewhat intertwined, and eventually eye-pleasing text. This class will be an ideal start for students who want to move on to more complicated flourishing of letters, words and lines. However, we will still follow basic rules and strive for
legibility. The day will be pulled together by simple philosophy about spacing, rhythm, repetition, pattern, and most of all, by contemporary understanding of human beauty versus “perfect” computer creations.

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