Marian Gault: Beginning Copperplate (Engrossers Script)

Beginning Copperplate (Engrossers Script)
Marian Gault
Tuesday, August 7, 2018
All day

My class will be taught from the very beginning, starting briefl y with how a pointed pen works, and how to use it correctly. The class is an appropriate level for those who have not done Copperplate before, and those who would like to refresh their knowledge on that subject. Upper and lower case (majuscules and minuscules)
Copperplate letters will be taught in detail, calligraphy vocabulary reviewed, and guide sheets provided. Letters will be used in words and sentences, and spacing within them will be demonstrated and emphasized. Detailed handouts will be provided. My teaching will be mostly based on the examples by E. A. Lupfer, published in the Zanerian Manual which is an excellent reference for this hand.


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