Michael Sull: Business Writing

Business Writing
Michael Sull
Friday, July 19, 2019
All day

Learn the art of graceful handwriting that was practiced by skilled penmen during America’s Golden Age of Penmanship. Business Writing is based on the Spencerian style of penmanship and was developed for efficiency and speed by eliminating shaded strokes and simplifying the Capital letters. It is a monoline script without ornamentation. We will be learning this style using Combination Muscular Movement with finger, wrist, and forearm movement. Topics include basic principles of movement, lowercase, capitals, and numerals, correct slant, posture, spacing, and practical speed. In the mid 20th century, Business Writing transformed into American Cursive Handwriting, which became the nation’s standardized handwriting style. Through historical and current examples, we will also discuss the range of variations that have evolved over the years.


Your choice of writing instrument: pointed pen, ballpoint, fine-pointed marker, or fountain pen. Do not recommend stub or broad-pointed pen points. Students should also bring lined paper; recommend Clairefontaine, Rhoda, Mnemosyne, or any brand of quality lined tablet paper.

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