Mike Kecseg: Pointed Pen Variations

Pointed Pen Variations
Mike Kecseg
Thursday, August 5, 2021
All day

Engrosser’s Script is a beautiful flowing hand steeped in tradition. While very practical, there may be a time when you’ll want to break with this traditional style and create letter forms that are more expressive and contemporary. In this class we’ll take the same flexible pointed pen we’ve been using for Engrosser’s Script and use it to explore the potential for creating new and exciting letter forms. Through step-by-step instruction we’ll start with an informal pen script and then move toward creating a “gothicized” script and an “uncialized” script. Along the way we’ll develop confidence with the pointed pen and discover the unique advantages of lettering with a flexible tool. 


4-5 Pointed pen nibs (examples: Hunt #101 or Gillott #303 or Hiro #41 or Nikko “G” or Leonardt EF Principal or your favorite nib) Oblique pen holder, Straight pen holder, Black ink (examples: Higgins Eternal or McCaffrey’s or Moon Palace Sumi or ink stick and grinding stone or your favorite ink) Graph paper with 1/8” squares. Size of the paper is unimportant but at least 8 ½” X 11”. Soft Pencil (example: 2B or 3B). Straight edge, Protractor or adjustable triangle, Mixing tray or mixing cups, Mixing brush, A few paper towels, Small water container or bottle.

Optional Supplies 1-2 sheets or half sheets of a quality art paper. Size of the paper is unimportant but at least 8 1/2” X 11” (examples: Arches HP or Canson Mi Tientes or Diploma Parchment or your favorite art paper), Gouache or colored ink ( white or Dr. PH Martin’s bleedproof white and any colors of your choice), Drawing board, T-square.

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