Rosalee Anderson: Gilding - Adding the WOW Factor

Gilding - Adding the WOW Factor
Rosalee Anderson
Tuesday, July 16, 2019
All day

Gilding – the application of real gold – is a technique which has been in use for hundreds of years and is still in demand today. This class is both a how-to for those who have never tried laying goldleaf and a refresher for those who have had some experience. We will be using loose gold leaf and Instacoll sizing in a certificate format that includes methods of flat gold, raised gold, tooling, and filigree. We will be gilding the same certificate image as in Rosemary Buczek’s class. These classes are separate but complementary. They cover different aspects of the same piece – one on gilding, the other on painting the acanthus – so you can take one class or both. Gold leaf can enhance any project from formal certificates to wedding place cards. If you have been hesitant to try gilding, this is where you begin to envision adding the WOW in your own work!


Class kit from Paper & Ink Arts which includes leaf gold and Instacoll; inexpensive synthetic brush - round or pointed round (from size 1 to 3/0 for laying Instacoll; water dishes – one for clean and one for dirty; a few paper towels; eye dropper or pipette to put clean water into Instacoll; dog-tooth burnisher if you have one (some will be available to share); stylus or dry fine-point ink pen; ruling pen or pointed pen for making straight lines; ruler; Fin-Tek gold paint or Kuretake brilliant gold ink; plastic palette for thinning Instacoll; $2.00 for image printed on watercolor paper (if you take Rosemary Buczek’s class you will be painting this print so you won’t purchase twice).

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