Rosemary Buczek: On the Making a Corporate Award

On the Making a Corporate Award
Rosemary Buczek
Wednesday, August 8, 2018
All day

For some years now I have been wanting to share just how I go about creating and accomplishing an award for that individual or corporation being honored. We will discuss layout and design and just where does one begin with the given text. How does one include the corporate logo if one should be used? How does one figure the pricing and just how much detail to work into the piece? Which text letter should I choose for the various phrases that seem to require emphasis? There are so many elements to consider. This class will be presented more in the form of a lecture, questions and answers. I will discuss my tools and how I use them and, yes, there is a short cut that I take and I want to tell you about that as well. Intermediate to advanced. Should have a proficiency with Foundational, Black Letter or Gothic letters, Missal letters as well as an understanding of the use of pigment, and some gilding. Or just come and learn!

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