Rosemary Buczek: Painting the Acanthus in a Lush Border

Painting the Acanthus in a Lush Border
Rosemary Buczek
Wednesday, July 17, 2019
All day

In this class we will discuss drawing and designing with the Acanthus leaf. The use of the classic “compound curve” is critical in understanding the structure of the leaf as well as the vine. We will study a border that is prepared ahead of time for each student and how to paint it successfully using a “limited palette”. Focus on light and shades and how to reflect these elements successfully will be our goal! This class will be a complement to Rosalee Anderson’s class on gilding techniques. It is not necessary to take both classes but these two classes will complement one another. The Acanthus border will be drawn as a border for a document or an award.


Pencil and eraser, Ruler, Ruling Pen, Pointed Pen, Pointed round brush size 1 (Raphael Kolinsky or similar), Round brush size 2 or 3 if possible, Round brush size 0 (Winsor Newton Series 7 or similar), Small bottle of water with dropper, Mat board 14” x 14” to carry work home, Pigments: gouache or watercolor (I prefer Winsor Newton) Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Yellow, Prussian Blue, Windsor Blue red shade, Titanium White or Permanent White, Container of some sort for holding water as well as some paper towel.
Please note:
Teacher will supply the Paynes Gray to save students expense. A supply fee of $2.00 will be requested of each student for the “pencil drawing” of the design to be painted in class….this will save the student time in transferring the drawing to paper. This print will be supplied to the student on Fabriano Artistico 140# HP paper. If the student would prefer to trace the design on their own paper, that is fine…….perhaps ask ahead for the pattern and plan extra time outside of class.

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