Schin Loong: Calligraphic Animal Drawing

Calligraphic Animal Drawing
Schin Loong
Friday, July 10, 2020
All day

Learn to create fun flourished animals using step-by-step methods. We will start by practicing on templates and then move on to intertwining drills and flourishing techniques to create complete animals from start to finish. Your calligraphic animal can easily be modified to include messages or addresses for mailing (great for gifts or mail exchanges!), so you will walk away with several finished artworks, all uniquely yours.



Any flexible pointed nibs you’re comfortable with, in a variety of sizes if possible (Schin uses Leonardt Principal and Brause Rose, but beginners might want Zebra G or Nikko G to start with); black sumi ink (diluted with about 30% water in the inkwell) [NOTE: We’ll use a LOT of ink, so please make sure your inkwell holds a good amount of ink (tealight candle holders work great!)]; water container; paper towels; whatever other things you need for pointed pen stuff; any good quality paper you like for practice and drills (Schin likes Rhodia and HP laser copy paper). [NOTE: We’ll use a LOT of paper!]; fancy stuff like cardstock, blank envelopes or smooth watercolor paper if you want to work on a final project; red or blue colored pencil; eraser; pictures of animals or pets you want to work on as a final project; an open mind! :)


Brush pens, or broad pen nibs and colored ink if you want to do some lettering inside your flourished animal; Calligraphic Animals book if you have it since there is more info and samples in the book that might inspire you in class (available from John Neal Bookseller and Paper & Ink Arts); lightbox, if you have room!

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