Suzanne Cunningham: Flourishing With Splendor

Flourishing With Splendor
Suzanne Cunningham
Tuesday, August 3, 2021
All day

The Darling Script is a brand-new flourished Copperplate alphabet I think you will really enjoy learning! It has a graceful aesthetic overall, and the script is understated and clean without being too simple. The majuscules have beautiful movement with large, more simple ovals. The minuscules have many flourishing choices with the finest of hairlines that add to the letterforms without being too busy. This is an intermediate class and participants need should have a good foundation in Copperplate script and be comfortable with the construction of the letterforms.


Pen holder (oblique or straight), Favorite nib (I will be using a Hunt 101), Walnut ink or your favorite practice ink, Canson marker paper (or any thin paper), 5mm or 6mm guidelines (your preference), Pencil for warming up, other basics like rinse cup and paper towel.

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