Tim Botts: Mask and Reveal

Mask and Reveal
Tim Botts
Tuesday, July 16, 2019
All day

Different types of masking techniques will be demonstrated and practiced to cover and later to show part of a background or paper surface. The result often brings light or depth into a composition. Besides using liquid mask, experiments will be made with crayons, tape, and stenciling, especially with leaves. The shape and character of background marks and the importance of value contrast will be illustrated. Bring a few favorite quotations of 25 words or less. A few materials not listed will be supplied to you.


Sumi black ink; gouache in primary colors plus white; broad-edged pen points (esp. Brause set of nine: 3/4 through 3 mm); broad-edged watercolor brushes: 1/4”-1/2” widths; HB pencil; kneaded eraser; rubber cement pick-up (optional); pointed brushes in various sizes; palette with at least six wells; Pebeo or WinsorNewton art masking fluid (resist); several sheets of 11”x14” cold press watercolor paper (esp. Fabriano Artistico soft press); and several sheets of 11”x14” Canson MiTeintes paper in various colors.

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