Vivian Mungall: ENGROSSING 101

Vivian Mungall
Thursday, July 13, 2017
All day

Ever wonder how to letter a poem, certificate or an award? Using the IAMPETH Mission Statement, this class will cover how to develop a design and continue through to the completion of it. Along the way, you will start to learn how to: work with clients to give them what they want, quote the job, stay in the price range quoted, create the design, decide the parts of the piece to be emphasized, figure out how large the piece will be and the width of lines and the size of pen nibs needed, colors for the design, how it will be matted and framed, why it is important to choose the mat before the selecting colors for the piece and more.


Sheet of Arches 140# hot press watercolor paper 13” x 13” plus a few scraps to test watercolors and pens Layout that that you can see the guidelines thru like Canson Pro Layout Marker, Tracing paper, 18” C-Thru Grid Ruler or Westcott Grid Ruler in inches on both sides, Mitchell nibs 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 or comparable nibs in another brand, Straight holder for each nib, Stiff pointed pen nib in a straight holder, Straight edge for drawing lines like a wooden ruler with a metal edge,, Scratch knife in a pen holder that comes to a point and not cupped, Pencil, eraser, water, paper towels, kleenex, tape, Black waterproof ink like Ziller Soot Black Ink, Finetec gold or gold gouache (if you want to use gold leaf, bring Instacoll, old brush, ½ sheet of gold leaf, tweezers, dog tooth and pointed burnishers and a sheet of clear plastic like greeting cards come in or a little thicker), Watercolor brushes: 2 brushes - Raphael 8404 size 0 (or similar good quality real sable brushes) and 2 brushes - White Sable by Robert Simmons size 2 (or similar brushes for washes), Winsor Newton Watercolors either tube or Professional Watercolor Sticks: French Ultramarine, Permanent Rose, (if you don’t want to mix your own purple, bring Winsor Violet instead of the French Ultramarine & Permanent Rose) Payne’s Gray, Permanent Sap Green, Burnt Sienna, Perylene Maroon and New Gamboge Yellow (I used tube colors for all except the Payne’s Gray. For the Payne’s Gray, I used the stick), Palette like a 7” diameter Round 10-Well Tray.

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