Vivian Mungall: Painting Watercolor Borders

Painting Watercolor Borders
Vivian Mungall
Thursday, July 9, 2020
All day

Working with transparent and semitransparent watercolors, the class will cover various techniques that make a two-dimensional border with a three-dimensional feel. This will be achieved through the use of layering watercolor mixes using complementary, neutral, and analogous colors while creating shades and tints. Also covered will be the interplay between the darkest darks and the lightest lights to add depth and dimension to the border. The goal at the end of the class is to have one completed border to be used as a guide for mixing colors to create your next unique borders.



Watercolor paints (dot cards from John Neal are suggested); 1 sheet 9” X 14” hot press watercolor paper (such as Arches Natural White 140#, Legion Stonehenge Aqua 140#, Moulin du Roy 140#) NOTE: A border will be emailed to you prior to the conference, which should be onto the paper above before class, leaving the rest of the sheet to test color mixes; pencil; eraser; paper towels; 2 water containers; Size 1 Princeton Series 4050 and Heritage Synthetic Sable Brushes Round  (or other good quality watercolor round brush  that comes to a nice point for painting thin lines--test your brush by getting it wet and drawing a thin line with it) • Size 1 Robert Simmons White Sable watercolor round brush or similar, with different color handle from the brush used for painting (to be used to blend the paints); white palette such as a china plate about 6” to 7” in diameter, or other white palette with flat area to mix colors


Gold Coliro (Finetec) or gouache; straight penholder with your favorite pointed pen nib.

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