The 58th Annual Convention


Holiday Inn Country Club Plaza
1 E 45th St
Kansas City, MO 64111
United States

July 09-15, 2007
Holiday Inn Country Club Plaza
1 E 45th St
Kansas City, MO 64111

United States

Neil McCaffery

The 58th Annual Convention was held July 9-15, 2007 in Kansas City, Missouri at the Holiday Inn at the Plaza. Thank you President Neil McCaffery for our special convention.

Class Descriptions 

Engrosser’s Script – Dr Joseph Vitolo

The study of proper letter forms and how to attain that form for engrosser’s script both upper case and lower case. 

Contemporary Flourishing and Embellishment – Michael Sull

The use of simple flourishes and embellishment to accent one’s work be it a letter to a certificate. The use of color for the accents will also be discussed. 

Engrosser’s Text Lettering – Michael Sull

The class will present a simple quick broad pen style called Engrosser’s Text that the Calligrapher can use in the text body of certificates, invitations etc. 

Spencerian Script: Beginner and Intermediate – Pat Blair

The class will present an introduction to Spencerian Script both upper and lower case for the beginner and allow the more advanced student to improve their letter forms. 

Spencerian Script: Advanced – Michael Sull

The class will present the more advanced areas of Spencerian Script such as embellishment of the upper case letters, signature writing etc. 

Using Engrosser’s Script – Rick Muffler

The class will discuss the application of Engrosser’s Script to the work that a calligrapher is typically asked to produce. 

Painting Techniques for Calligraphers – Rosemary Buczek

The class will present basic painting techniques using water color for the calligrapher not trained as a painter. 

Bird Flourishing & Flourish Script – John DeCollibus

The class will present the art of bird flourishing in the traditional style and technique. The class will also give instruction in flourished script for those wanting a fancier more flamboyant style of script for their work. 

Etiquette – Rick Muffler

The Class with be an active discussion on the use of the proper etiquette for addressing, salutations etc. that the student is likely to encounter in their work. 

The Business Side of Calligraphy – Angela Welch and Debi Zeinert

The session is a round table discussion for moderated by Angela and Debi to let students ask questions and discuss the all important business side of their calligraphy businesses. 

Using Color in Your Work – Cathy Ledeker

The session will discuss how to use color to add impact and depth to ones work.

Layout and Design – Vivian Mungall and Rick Muffler

Vivian will discuss how to properly layout certificates and Rick will discuss the layout of invitations, letters etc. 

Watercolor Washes for Lettering – Rosemary Buzcek

The session will cover the time honored technique of using watercolor washes as a back round for lettering. 

American Cursive – Mike Sull

This session will present cursive penmanship to the student for everyday use and as a simple quick style for calligraphers to use in their work. 

Spencerian with a Straight Pen and Quill – Bob Hurford

The session will present a look at Spencerian Penmanship before the use of the oblique penholder. The use of a straight holder or quill gives the hand the look that one would find in the 1850s and 1860s.