Cora Pearl: Uncial WIth A Broad Edged Pen

Uncial WIth A Broad Edged Pen
Cora Pearl
Thursday, July 14, 2016

Uncial is a beautiful ancient hand that was commonly in use from the fourth to eighth centuries by Latin and Greek scribes. Writing in Uncial is a wonderful way to connect with the long history of calligraphic writing. The characteristically wide and round letters can be serious or playful. We will start with basic Uncial strokes and learn the whole alphabet. This workshop is for those who consider themselves beginners in Uncial writing and also for those with more experience who wish to revisit the basics in order to revitalize and review this hand. Skill Level: All 


C-2 Speedball nib (If you are new to writing with the broad-edge pen be sure to prepare your nib by brushing the nib with a little bit of toothpaste using an old toothbrush—this will remove the oils used to make the nib and will help your ink low well when you are in class.) Nib holder, Higgins Eternal black ink or walnut ink, Borden & Riley Layout Bond paper (9 x 12). 

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