Harvest Crittenden: Beginning Spencerian

Beginning Spencerian
Harvest Crittenden
Tuesday, July 12, 2016
All day

This workshop is designed to explore the beautiful lettering style of Spencerian Script, designed by Platt Roger Spencer in the 1800’s. We will explore the gracefulness of nature’s forms that inspired Mr. Spencer. The workshop will include study of the lower case, the upper case, and simple of-hand lourishing. This system of writing is still very relevant today. Brides frequently request elegant and graceful Spencerian Script. Spencerian Script is a pointed pen alphabet built on 4 simple principals and 7 stroke forms. We will start with pencil and work our way up to pen and ink. We will cover all the basic forms. This class is designed for all skill levels. It is most frequently written with an oblique penholder but experience with an oblique penholder is not necessary. If left-handed you may prefer to use a straight penholder. Skill Level: All 


Nikko G or Zebra G nibs are recommended for beginners. More advanced students may prefer to use a more lexible nib. An oblique penholder is recommended. If left-handed you may prefer to use a straight penholder depending on the amount of hook when you write. McCafery’s black ink or Old World Iron Gall ink. Good quality translucent layout paper, Borden & Riley, Canson, or Claire Fontane, a mechanical pencil .5 with extra lead, a kneaded eraser, Viva paper towels and something to clean your nibs. 

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