Heather Victoria Held: The Vintage Garden

The Vintage Garden
Heather Victoria Held
Wednesday, July 13, 2016
All day

This class will explore Victorian Ornamental Designs that can be incorporated into your calligraphic work. Our designs will have some preplanned pencil elements but will also incorporate the spontaneity of ofhand lourishing. Delicate lowers and foliage can be turned into elegant borders and corner designs that can be embellished with colour or shaded with ink and pencil. The opulence of the Victorian era will inluence our work while we learn the importance of preserving a sense of space in our designs. We will explore diferent colour possibilities with ink, coloured pencils, watercolour and gilding. Skill Level: All 


Mechanical Pencil ( any size lead), White Vinyl or Kneaded Eraser, Graph Paper (for sketches and practice strokes), Straight holder with medium lexible nib such as the Zebra G or Gillott 404, Cream Cardstock or Strathmore 400 series Drawing paper cut to 5”x 7” (a few sheets), 5”x 7” Fabriano Artistico Hot Press 140 lb paper (a few sheets), McCafery Brown Ink or McCafery Black Ink or Ziller Bufalo Brown Ink, Coloured Pencils: any brand. You should have a cream, a white, a brown and your favourite colours (the colours widely used by the Victorians were Magentas, Violets, Pinks, Rich Blues, Peacock Blue/Greens. Toward the end of the era, colours were more subdued in the olive and sage tones.) Watercolour Pencils or your Watercolours: any brand in your favourite lower and foliage colours, small pointed watercolour brushes any brand in size 0 and 1. (I use Winsor Newton Series 7 sable, but you may substitute synthetic brushes as long as they have a good point.) Water Dish, Paper towel, small mixing palette. Finetec Gold Watercolour or Gold Gouache with waterdish and mixing brush. ** Optional: ** If you already own gilding supplies such as gold leaf, gilding size and gilding brushes, please bring them along for the class but don’t purchase them especially for this class. We can use the gold gouache or inetec gold for the gilding embellishments. ** Walnut Ink: You may choose to do pen and ink monochromatic studies and practice work with walnut ink. The walnut ink will work well for pen sketches and light tints with coloured pencil.It is not a suitable ink for any of the wash techniques. ** Embellishement Supplies: I use pastels to create burnished backgrounds and shading efects. They must not be the NuPastel sticks or oil pastels. Any chalk based pastel will work. I use the Diane Townsend pastels. You will need a Q-tip or pastel brush and small piece of ine sandpaper to work with the pastel. Please do not purchase pastels especially for this class. ** The Sakura Clear Stardust Gelly Roll Pen. This is optional but adds a beautiful gossamer shimmer to your work. ** White Gouache or Bleedproof White with mixing brush. Used for subtle highlights if the white of the paper has been lost. The white coloured pencil will also work. 

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