Janet Takahashi: Pen and Ink Illustrated Portland Sketchbook

Pen and Ink Illustrated Portland Sketchbook
Janet Takahashi
Wednesday, July 13, 2016
All day

Destination: Inspiration! Sketch, Draw, Paint, Letter. Explore and experience pen and ink as a sketching medium, breathing the magic of line into illustrations that record your observations in a journal. Learn tips and techniques to create illustrations that you will love adding tone and color with light washes. Lettering will be combined alongside the imagery as a design element on the page. Create depth and dimension in your sketches that will walk of the page. Learn to quick-sketch your observations as you venture into Portland. Skill Level: All 


Your favorite pointed nibs and a straight pen holder; Micron Pigma waterproof pen, size 02 (other sizes optional); Fountain Pen with black fountain pen ink (a nice option for portability or water-soluble pen); Ink (for dip pens) of your choice in black or sepia. Water brush or small round paintbrush size 4 or 6; small water cup and few paper towels; pencil, pencil sharpener and soft eraser; watercolor pencils or a small set of watercolors; few sheets of tracing paper; paper or a sketchbook with a paper that takes multi-media, suitable for watercolor and pen and ink. 

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