Karen Brooks: Copperplate A to Z

Copperplate A to Z
Karen Brooks
Tuesday, July 14, 2015
All day

Copperplate, English Roundhand, Engraver’s Script and Engrossers Script all refer to beautiful letterforms made with a flexible pointed pen nib.  The pointed pen allows for thick downward strokes and hairline thin upward strokes, creating graceful, flowing letterforms in a script sequence.  This class will provide an overview of foundational principals of Copperplate Script.  Warm-ups, basic strokes, lowercase letterforms and basic capital letterforms will be taught. 


Oblique pen holder (I recommend one with a brass flange adjusted to your favorite pointed pen nib.)  Nikko G or Zebra G nib or any other you are comfortable with. Ink:  Moon Palace Sumi, McCaffrey’s Ink, or Higgins Eternal.  Paper:  Rhodia, or Triomphe by Clairefontaine, a few sheets of good graph paper 1/8” squares (Clairefontaine).  Pencil with a softer lead (ex: 2B or 3B or 4B).  Adjustable triangle if you have one. 

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