Kathy Milici: Modern Storybook Script

Modern Storybook Script
Kathy Milici
Friday, July 15, 2016
All day

This playful alphabet has FUN written all over it! This charming, casual script is a fresh, modern twist to conventional alphabet styles. I have created this whimsical, vertical hand for students who want to learn a new style that is solidly based on traditional letterforms, but with a light-hearted, lexible approach. With an emphasis on play, this workshop also focuses on experimenting and developing your own unique look. You’ll learn a series of simple strokes, lower case, then caps. We’ll also examine letter endings, creative ligatures, numbers and punctuation. Strokes into letters, letters to words, words to sentences...and voila! You have a brand new, useful and versatile alphabet style that is so easy to make solely your own! Skill Level: All 


Straight pen holder and/or oblique pen holder, Nikko G nibs (or your favorite), Sumi Moon Palace or Higgins Eternal ink, Dinky Dip, ruler, pencil, kneaded eraser, dropper bottle with water, 2 paper clips, Borden and Riley Boris Marker Layout pad (9 X 12), a few sheets of Rhodia grid paper, a few paper towels, notepad and pen. 

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