Marian Gault: Gothicized Italic (Pointed Gothic)

Gothicized Italic (Pointed Gothic)
Marian Gault
Tuesday, July 14, 2015
All day

This class will cover the basics for both lower and upper case letters for the Gothicized Italic hand, following the example of Sheila Waters, who is considered the foremost authority on this style.  It was designed by Edward Johnston, and in England, it was known as Johnston's Compressed Hand. In the United States it became popular in the 1970's and was known as Gothicized Italic. It is an upright hand rather than slanted, and is based on 14th centry Batarde scripts of France and Holland. It is helpful, but NOT REQUIRED, if you have some experience in the Roman hand, but Gothicized Italic will be taught from the beginning


Paper:  Any practice paper transparent enough to see guidelines underneath, such as Borden & Riley Cotton Comp, Borden and Riley Boris pads, gridded paper, etc.  Ink:  Higgins Eternal, walnut, Moon Palace, or whatever ink works for you.  Nibs:    Speedball C-0, C-1, C-2, or equivalent sizes in other brands you prefer; Parallel Pens in equivalent sizes also.  Holder - Straight for dip pens (not oblique).  Optional - T-square if you want to rule lines, paper towels or tissues, water, paper clips, slant board if you use one, etc.

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