Rosemary Buczek: The Acanthus Leaf Within The Letterform

The Acanthus Leaf Within The Letterform
Rosemary Buczek
Friday, July 17, 2015
All day

In this class we will study how the Acanthus leaf winds its way within the open area of the Versal letter.  Each student my select their own versal letter or draw from the tracing available in the class notes.  We will examine how the leaf twists and turns within the shape (the shade portion of the letter) and then we will illustrate the depth of the leaf with shade and light.  These letters are most beautiful when they are illustrated with depth -- light and shade give them the “punch” that makes these letters so handsome and striking. 


  9” x 12” HP watercolor paper, tracing paper, pencil, eraser, mixing dishes for water, small palette,  Winsor Newton Prussian Blue, Titanium white, #0 or #1 sable watercolor brush, ruler and perhaps a ruling pen.

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