Skyler Chubak: Sickels Lettering

Sickels Lettering
Skyler Chubak
Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sickles lettering was popular in engrossing work at the turn on the century. It was used widely in many things including diplomas, certiicates, advertisements, letterheads, and signs. It is the lettering style used for “Portland” in this year’s convention logo. In this class we will go over the basics of this lettering style. We will go over the alphabet and then practice writing words! This class will give some insight as to how to use this style and some tips of how to make a piece using it cohesive and complimentary. Skill Level: All 


Supplies - Bring a pencil, and eraser, a ruler, a 12'' plastic t-square, and a pen. Your pen can be a Rapidiograph, any ine pointed marker such as a Micron, Sharpie, Prismacolor or something similar, or you can even use a dip pen. If you bring a dip pen make sure you have ink, a stif nib, and that your ruler has a corked or raised bottom. Bring any paper you like - unlined preferably, although lined paper may help with spacing these letters. 

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