Vivian Mungall: Creating Creative Cadels

Creating Creative Cadels
Vivian Mungall
Wednesday, July 15, 2015
All day

Cadel capitals are made from broad pen strokes, cadel flourishes and decorated with designs that can appear both complex and difficult to do. These letters that look so complex are not as hard as this would appear. This class will cover what a cadel is, the first example from 1409 and take you on a journey through historical and modern variations of a lettering style that has no standard model to follow. Thus, there are many interpretations of each letter. This class will concentrate on basic strokes and cadel flourishes that form the letters from the simple to the complex. With so much variety in one lettering style, with your imagination and knowledge you will be able to create beautiful versals for your work. One good lower case for Cadel lettering is gothicized Italic. It is recommended that you know how to use a broad pen to take the class


Favorite black ink.  Broad pen holders and nibs like Mitchell nibs with reservoirs – sizes 2, 1.5 1, 0.  Crow quill holder and nib like a Gillott 170, Gillott 1950 or equivalent. 

Practice or layout paper at least 8.5” x 11”.  Graph paper if you like to use it (just make sure your pen nibs, ink and paper all get along).  Plastic centering ruler to draw lines with pencil.   Pencil and eraser.  Wooden ruler with edge to use with crow quill pen.  Tracing paper to be used with a Mitchell 1.5 pen nib.  Optional, but not necessary:  One piece of 8” x 10” Arches 140# hot press or equivalent for finished piece if we have time.  Finetec gold, brushes, water, etc

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