Vivian Mungall: Engrossing Text

Engrossing Text
Vivian Mungall
Wednesday, July 13, 2016
All day

This class will give you an opportunity to learn several styles of engrossing text. Engrossing text is not one deined lettering style but rather a term used for the plainer broad lettering used extensively for the body lettering in certiicates, scrolls and resolutions.This style of lettering was used from the late 1800’s thru the 1900’s by lettering professionals because of the easy reading qualities, beauty and speed. The letters were made with a broad-edge pen and sometimes carefully retouched with a ine pen. The forms, especially the capitals, could be simple or elaborate. Engrossing text was one of the classes taught at schools like the Zanerian College.
Skill Level: All 


Favorite black ink, pen nibs the size of a Speedball 2 in a holder, layout paper transparent enough to see guidelines underneath pencil, centering ruler, eraser, 20-30 word quotation. 

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