The 54th Annual Convention

July 07-12, 2003
Wyndham Playhouse Square Hotel
1260 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH 44115
United States
James Williams

Opening Reception: For members and locals to meet and enjoy conversation and light refreshments. Brief review of Week’s Activities.

Basics Seminar: How to use an oblique pen, flat-edged pen, and other basics for novices and beginners. NEW THIS YEAR. Jim Williams, Dr. Joe Vitolo, and others will lead this workshop.

Engrossers Script (Copperplate): Dr. Joe Vitolo, webmaster for Ornamental Penmanship group and, is a specialist in Engrosser's script, commonly called Copperplate. He will teach the fundamentals of the wonderful art form. The course starts at 9am and ends at 5pm.

Broad-Edge Lettering: Track 2 on Tuesday will offer a broad-edged alternative to the pointed-pen practicum. The course starts at 9am and ends at 5pm.

Spencerian Basics Seminar: Mike Sull, who single handedly revived this lost American Writing form, will teach an introductory seminar. This is a mini version of his week-long Spencerian Saga. This course starts at 9am and ends at 3:45pm.

The Art of Flourishing: Bob Hurford, Editor of Penman’s Journal, and John DeCollibus, Master Penman, will demonstrate and explain why letter flourishing is more than artistic scribbling. The pair will also provide two perspectives on bird flourishing.

An Illuminated Letter Step by Step: Rosemary Buczek, a renown engrosser and past president, has enticed convention goers late into the evening watching her design and illuminate a certificate for presentation the next day. This year she will provide a line drawing and take participants to a finished product they can proudly display.

American Cursive Penmanship: Mike Sull has developed this new handwriting system for the Home-School movement. A non-shaded cursive style of penmanship based on the principles of the Spencerian and Palmer styles.

French Roundhand Alphabet: Vivian Mungall, a recent Master Penman inductee, has chosen a favorite lettering style used for poetry. This very legible alphabet can be executed with beauty and speed.

Using Victorian Tea Bag Cover Folding to Decorate Lettering: A team of Nancy Gundersen, Leslie Job, and Martha Maconi will show us how great grandmother use a common beverage wrapper to add color and design to note cards and her writing paper. Start now to collect unusual tea bag wrappers and small decorative papers.

Working on Alternative Parchments & Natural Elements: Angela Welch works with snakeskin, bark, and deer-hide. Learn the ins and outs of using alternative writing surfaces & nature’s paint palette: flowers, berries, & dirt.

Spencerian Innovations: Mike Sull has graciously agreed to teach an advanced Spencerian lesson. This is a separate 1-hour course from the Spencerian Basics Seminar.

Painting and Drawing Techniques for Illuminators: Cathy Ledeker has exhibited her work at a number of conventions. Remember her Celtic Knots and her large illuminated alphabet exhibit?

Business Writing Revisited: Irene Calendo has taught handwriting in the Rochester Schools for many years; is a past IAMPETH president several times and 30 year member. Irene will talk about our founders’ primary mission.

Using Engrosser’s Script and Spencerian in Memory Books: Daniel North and Dottie Knudsen share their techniques for creating highly prized and decorative scrap/photo albums and family memory books.

Five Steps to a More Graceful Envelope: Linda Hirsch’s envelopes are so beautiful that people often throw away the letter and frame the wrapper. Learn how to use color and design to spice up your communications.

Layout Basics for Certificates: Sharon Eisman has exhibited her work around the world. She has agreed to take participants Various specialists will assist her.

Round Robin Idea Exchanges: Both local penmen and IAMPETH membersparticipated in and gave demonstrations on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. These included: [TUESDAY] Rubber Stamp Sculpturing, Ann Gingrich; Designing Using Masking Fluid, Joan Stenger; Background Variations and Walnut Ink, Larry Gabler; Instant Originals, Bob Hurford; Paper & Ink Arts Workshop: Brenda Broadbent; [THURSDAY] Expanding Pleat Album and Other Creative Binding Techniques, Melinda Turner; Secret Compartment Mini Book, Victoria Kibildis; Preparing Work for Printing: Bob Hurford.

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