Stacy Cobb — Sagle, ID



I am a new member having joined in Mid-May 2021.  I was lucky enough to be able to attend the conference in Omaha this year.  I really enjoyed meeting fellow calligraphers.  I am very excited and encouraged by attending the conference.  I hope to attend next year in Atlanta.  I enjoy accessing ll the educational materials and reading the Penman's Journal.  Thank you for providing this wonderful resource to calligraphers and those who appreciate the craft.

See you next year!

Bill Baxter — Lambertville, NJ


Hello, I am an avid calligraphy and penmanship fan.  I remember vividly in first and second grade practicing cursive script over and over, till fourth grade , a teacher had asked me to help engross the diplomas of the eighth grade graduates !  I felt honored, and, have had many people ask for my "John Hancock" signature, which I execute to this day !  I would like to learn more, the real way to write, and, continue this art form.  I am in Lambertville, NJ, close to New Hope, PA, and, would like to find a group that represents my area.  Please help !  Thanks kindly, Bill Baxter 

Emily — Dunedin, NZ


What a fantastic website! Love everything about it, and has made introduction into copperplate calligraphy so much easier, THANK YOU! :)

Erica — New York


Hello, I think your site is amazing. I have been a fan of the art of calligraphy, for quite some time now. However, I have been unable to mind classes to suit my skill level (basic)in the New York area. I do have a keen interest in learning, please advise. Thank you

**IAMPETH Reply**

Kathy Saunders — NY


You might want to contact The Society of Scribes in NY. They have workshops quite often, and there would certainly be information on classes happening in the area. You can see their website here:

Also, join IAMPETH!


Henrique Melo — Caldas da Rainha, Portugal


A blast from the past! Just amazing.

Bob Dong — England


Visiting this website has always been a great joy in my life.Thank you!

Ritchie Wei — China


Dear Sir/Madam,

There's somethings wrong with The Edward C. Mills Collection sector, I can't view the images on that page.

Hope you can have it fixed soon.

BTW, I've been visiting this website for more than two years, it has change my life greatly and I really enjoy this life. Thank you.


**IAMPETH Reply**

Kathy Saunders - NY

Thank you Ritchie.  All Fixed!

S.H. Ku — Asian


I like this website a lot. And also learn a lot.

Thank you.

Jerry L Collins — Russellville, Arkansas


My writing hand was switched by teachers around 1980 in kindergarten from my left hand to my right hand. My writing is terrible now but I would like to know where I can take classes in the Palmer method to get it to the most beautiful penmanship the average person has ever seen! This site is phenominal! Thank you.

Reply to Jerry L Collins

**IAMPETH** Reply

James — Dallas


Hi Jerry. Look up the calligraphy guild in your area, and look up the Fountain Pen Club in Little Rock. And join IAMPETH for penmasters in Arkansas :o)


Jerry L Collins — Russellville, Arkansas


Thank you James! I will do that. There is a gentleman that has stretched his hand out to help me and I am excited about starting practice! Now all I need, is a little bit of patience with myself so I don't get discouraged with my stiff arm movements. Thank you!



flowstring — China


Just Awesome!!!

Mark Goldstein — Myrtle Beach


Excellent website!

stacey miller — Greeley CO, US


Wow! i never new there was such a site for handwriting. Its absolutely wonderful!!

Colleen Fleming — Norfolk, VA


This website and the information provided is such a wonderful resource. I happened upon it doing web searches about handwriting and different types of script. Thank you for the time and energy that has been put into this to preserve the art and to be a support to others.

Raymond Walace — Tobago


The information presented is user- friendly and informative. Will continue to use it to improve my handwriting.

Ronald Verastek — Hampton,Va.


Would like to thank you for your websites they are great sources of information and instruction in something I have been interested in since high school.

Now being retired and having some time on hand I would love to learn the copperplate hand hope I'am not to old to do this.

Thank you again

R.D. Verastek

Sean — Hubei,China


I'm a beginner,but I've known this great website for half year,this is really a heaven for all the penmen! I will get my pen today,summer holiday is a proper time for me to know more about calligraphy.Hope everyone make great progress!!

Juwett — china


i am looking for the blueprint of the oblique penholder.i am making my own penholder and i don't have any data about it. i want to know the exact size of it.if anybody can help me.please mail me at

Darlene Saddoris — Wheat Ridge, Colorado


I have my mother's Palmer method certification dated March 11, 1932 signed by Mr. Palmer. It is one of my favorite pieces of art and hangs on my wall. Until she died she wrote exactly the same. It was beautiful.

Manoj — Bangalore, India



I am really grateful to the IAMPETH people for creating and maintaining this site. This is a treasure house for all the Calligraphy beginners.

So very thankful to you.



Elmer Turnipseed — Canada


Great PDFs! I'm looking for The Graduated Series of Copy Books by Walter M'Leod (1860s), or any Mulhauser copy books.

**IAMPETH Reply**

Nan DeLuca — NYC


have shared your inquiry with other iampeth members...if they have info, they will respond to you directly or thru this guest book.


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