Geneva Gayles — Mobile, AL


Threw out a question online and got a response from Jenny within the hour. I was shocked! She was so helpful and delightful. I got off the phone with all the information I needed and a renewed since of my future in calligraphy. I hope you will come back to the south in 2013 for your convention. I want to join and learn more! So inspired...g

jack — mumbai


i love cud it b more motivating for kids,,,

Greg F — Vermont


Excellent site that I found by chance. Researching fountain pens led me to this site, and boy I think I am hooked! Did caligraphy back in high school, and I remember penmanship classes in grammer school. I have inherited excellent handwriting from my parents, I love to write mainly in cursive (script?), and even get to use it at work in a computer environment! Thanks, and Copperplate/Engrossers here I come!!

Coco — USA


This is a great website! I've done calligraphy off and on since I was 11, and I'm trying to make it a regular practice for my own enjoyment.

Brita Long — Seattle


Thank you for this site. My writing is horrid and I plan on practicing in the evenings. Again, thank you for all of the material.

Brita Long — Seattle


Thank you for this site. My writing is horrid and I plan on practicing in the evenings. Again, thank you for all of the material.

Balakrishna k Crachit — KGF


I am really proud of this site which encourages the scripters all around the world. I thank the persons who started this site.

Balakrishna k Crachit — KGF


I am really proud of this site which encourages the scripters all around the world. I thank the persons who started this site.

Derek Rowe — Sussex, England


A very good website, Nothing like it here or anywhere else. I have a long interest in Copper Plate Writing, and have joined your Society, I just love it. and all things American. Very Best Wishes

pollychen(china) — china


Teachers and experts:Hello, I am a college student from China. Is a Chinese calligraphy lovers.Recently, I instrument for the West penmanship ,but we here in the unfashionable penmanship,I do not know how to learn western penmanship.So,I would like to ask you, how to get started with Western penmanship?I would very much appreciate your answer!----pollychen

rocco runza — hyde park new york


Hello. My father (79 years old) just passed away. I noticed his neat penmanship, upon going thru his papers I found his palmer certificate, dated 1945 and looked up palmer. Thought you might like to know.

Ada Meyer — Evansville, IN


I have studied all forms of handwriting from questioned to profiling from handwriting for many years. While looking up another matter, I saw you site and electronically came right over. This is an amazing site. When I finish this I will join. Thank you so very much for allowing us to look further into the art of handwriting.

Robyn — Africa


Inspiring stuff!

I'm one of the sorry generation of students subjected to a series of handwriting experiments in teaching in the 1960s.

But I love fine things, arts. craftsmanship. The preservation of beautiful writing, for its own sake, despite everything that technology has thrown at it, is miraculous indeed!

Thanks for your work!

Mauricio — Brasil


Sou fã de vocês, pois passo horas assistindo videos de suas aulas, eu estou aprendendo pois tirei muitos exemplos de vocês, até a caneta que aqui no brasil(Curitiba ) não encontro eu à fiz!!

se pudrem me mandar mais algumas tecnicas eu agradeço Vocês são de mais

Delz — India


Thank you so much for the amazing books and lessons on this site...I am currently learning to improve my penmanship using the information available on this site..Once again thank you!!!

Carlos Ruiz — Guayanilla, PR


Wonderful site. I am learning a lot with the lessons and videos. Thanks for your great work. Saludos desde la isla de Puerto Rico.

Laurie — Exeter, RI


After losing my teaching job (which I deeply loved) due to this economy and school restructuring, I am left to reconsider my profession. I loved teaching and worked to implement a handwriting program for my students because I felt that learning proper and correct writing was essential. My students loved it and wondered why they had to wait until fifth grade to learn handwriting. Unfortunately, stepping into another classroom during these tough times seems virtually impossible at this time.

I was left asking "now what?" I have always had a passion since I was very young with handwriting and calligraphy. My earliest calligraphy books date back to my early elementary years. I have been asked why I never went to art school or developed my artistic talents, well, now I have an opportunity to develop a hidden talent and hopefully develop my own business doing so. This website was found just by searching calligraphy and I am pleased I found you. Your information is exceptional and hope to intensely study this site so I can move on to bigger and better dreams! Thank you for being a stepping stone into my future!

Brian Daniel Russell — Norman, Oklahoma


I suppose I should have done this some time ago, as I have been using the information here for quite some time, but being late is better than never soundly at all.

I have been interested in penmanship since I can remember. When I started 3rd grade, I thought it was going to be the greatest time of my life because I was finally going to be taught cursive. Unfortunately, the next year, and from then on, all of the teachers I had virtually required all of us in class to use generic print, and I virtually forgot it due to them.

However, when I started college 3 years ago, I started to relearn it due to my new interest in fountain pens (even without cursive my handwriting was always neat and I was very picky about it). I spent so many hours a week just scribbling. Like many things, after a while, I became very proficient with it and wanted to be able to write like the declaration of independence (one of the reasons I was so intrigued by cursive, which I thought was the same thing at that age), or rather, in a not mature outlook, I wanted to be able to produce the graceful beautiful art that I saw in many of the historical documents I was studying for my major in history.

The way I eventually reached this site and real calligraphy was very roundabout. Through many searches and time I finally found it, and, wanting the thin-thick contrast, I sought the thing I knew (fountain pens) that could produce them, thus flexible nibs. The search for nice, working pens of this age was a very expensive and time consuming job, and once I found one that worked, it was destroyed by a coworker. Once I found another, I was far enough along to realize that it could not truly produce what I wanted to do. In a way, I wish that my arrival to true script hadn't been so roundabout, etc., but at the same time, it gave me some foundational skills that helped once I finally reached the wonderful oblique holder and pointed nib. I have been with it for a few months, and practicing script in general even longer.

The point is, this site was here for me every inch of every step of the way. If it were not for this site, I wouldn't be able to produce the script I can now, or have had the interest to do so, as well as to continue.

Now I have a love for calligraphy that is very profound. I spend hours a day studying and practicing it if I am able to, because I have a burning passion for it. My dream is not to become rich, not to find a great career (although I look forward to that after college), not to become a professional athlete, etc, etc. My greatest dream now is to become a master penman. It is something I am striving towards, and will continue to for as long as possible.

Calligraphy isn't just a hobby to me, it is a huge part of my life, a great pleasure, one of my most proud achievements, and even part of my dreams for the future.

All of this could never have been possible without this organization and its resources.

Along with the "penmanship" forum on Fountain Pen Network, they are indispensable resources with a wealth of knowledge and information that help me as best as can be possible in the modern world that no longer has an avenue for an apprenticeship under a great. I wish that were possible, or at least lessons widely available, but since it is not, IAMPETH is sort of the teacher of us all in the modern age.

Thank you.

CJ Gooch — Memphis, TN


I have to say that pens are what drew me to this site. I've been interested in fountain pens and other writing instruments for sometime. By extension this has led me to calligraphy and a desire to improve my penman ship. I work in IT and spend the majority of my time typing, but as with many other arts that I fear are becoming lost, I know the power that a hand written letter or note can carry. As with so many things the fine details can make a world of difference, allowing for the exercise of feelings and emotions. Giving your written word the inflection your voice would normally carry. I believe this to be a great website and that it provides a wealth of information. You can expect me to be joining the group and more than likely pestering those here for tips, hints and help in bettering my penman ship and furthering my ability.

David — Port St. Lucie Florida


My late wife was into calligraphy and since I have the materials sitting around I thought I would give it a try


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