Ruth R. — Houston, TX


I came across your website when I googled "penmanship," I was saddened and disturbed to hear that schools are not teaching kids cursive handwriting anymore. Penmanship has been around for centuries, for it to disappear in a short period of time is really sad. As young people really truly are missing out. I will soon become a member and hope to take classes to improve upon mine. Thanks!

Susan Philpott — Spokane Washington


I found your website while googling penmanship. I was looking for some assistance on inproving my penmanship for a genealogy project I am working on and found your site to be helpful. I was taught many years ago that how one writes is as important as what one has to say and I believe that is just as important today in the internet age as it was 50 years ago. Thank you so much for a wonderful and useful site.

rahul — FRANCE, LYON


i suppose to go on dinner with someone & i came across this web site & i feel like i arrived to my destiny. it was amazing...! i been searching this material from my entire life. it's just superb, i don't find the word for my gratitude. thanksssss lot....!

Ange Huertas — Boston, MA.


When I first stumbled onto this site I was floored by the grace and beauty of the art of penmanship. I always thought writing was writing, but wow was I wrong. I immediately picked up a pen and starting practicing. In the past 10yrs. my writing improved 150%.

Thank You IAMPETH for everything.

Jose Mora C. — Costa Rica



I'm overwhelmed for this beautiful and elegant art of calligraphy, I'm in love and probably... obsessed with typography, that took me to your website, but this is another level of art, i would do anything to learn this art but unfortunately for me there is nothing like this in my country, this is so elegant and unique, thanks for sharing!

Mark Alan Ballinger — Dallas,Texas 75220


Extremely interesting. Once, in my younger years, i held a facination for Caligraphy, and learned just enough to get very bored. Now, that i have matured some, i wish that i had continued this art form more intensely. How typical i must be. For those, like myself, with a yearning for art. This is something that we can use and retain for all the years of our lives. My only advice is to stick with it !

MIKE — kansas


if anyone has a copy of american penman or westernpenman please email me! thanks :-)

Kristian N. Jensen — Taipei, Taiwan


Happy to find the site. Thanks Doc~


Natalia — Spain


Hello everybody, i'm from Spain. Thank you for this page. I love it.

Un saludo desde España.

brautkleiderIvy — Swiss


Hello from Zuerich,

i just want to say that i like your website very much.

I will come back soon.

Yours Ivy

Ellen — Washington State


What an interesting website and organization! I am the Education Director of a Montessori School which introduces cursive letters before print letters. Our Elementary students practice their cursive handwriting every day, copying poems and other literature. The children only use pencils, dip pens, quills and fountain pens. All of the children in my class (ages 6 through 9) have beautiful handwriting. I have been told that our local school district will be phasing out cursive writing - I think that this is just tragic. I've been using cursive exclusively with children for nearly 17 years and can attest that concentrating on beautiful cursive, copperplate, or calligraphic writing has helped every student I've had in many different areas including reading (less prone to reversals), composing text, planning, organization, and general neatness. Thanks for promoting these valuable skills!

Dr. Guillermo E. Martinez — Costa Rica


I am a humble Scientist of Tropical Agriculture and Brain-Bio-Chemistry, and I have had a sincere desire to lear you pritty Art of the Calligraphy. I found your excellent page and I am very much delighted to see such a disntinguished and eminant group performing more than well. I hope to learn and to grow up besides the "wisdom center" that IAMPETH represents for me. God bless all of you.

Dr. Guillermo E. Martinez

Costa Rica

Steve Davies — Oakdale,Gwent, Wales. U K.


Came across your site while searching for information on Calligraphy.

Will be starting beginners course later this year, after

viewing the amazing work on your site, I am even more determine to learn as much as is possible.

Thank you

zhou jinali — China


hello,I am a university student from China,I am very interest in English calligraphy. It is amazing to see your site, the sources are wonderful,some of which are very difficult to find,Thank you!


victoria — Vicenza - Italy


Mi nombre es Victoria, soy profesora de Caligrafìa-Dibujo, dicto cursos para adultos, deseo viajar a E.E.U.U. para cursar un master sobre la materia. Agradezco informe sobre la posibilidad de obtener una beca o bolsa de estudios para concretar mi proyecto. Soy ciudadana italiana, nacida en Argentina.

Gordon C. Bjorkman — Salmon Arm, B.C., Canada


A very good page, and educational. I look forward to studying Copperplate.

susan manimaleth — kottayam,kerala st.India.


I am a post graduate ,teacher of hand writing, own an institute of calligrapphy .I am very much delighted to see such an eminant group performing so well.I am certain that I could learn much more from IAMPETH & improve my carrier,by God's grace.

Jenny Hayes Rhoten — San Jose, California


I am so glad to have found this website via Wikipedia. I plan on attending the next convention in Nashville.

I have been practicing calligraphy since the 4th grade and have been a professional/commercial calligrapher since 2005. I specialize in Italic and Brushscript.

I look forward to future fellowship with this community and to learn ways to perfect my craft.

Tammy — America


I found this site after listening to a review on of a book called "Scribbles and Script". I wish there was a link to the PDF files on the individual index pages for the books you offer for download, or even a link to the main page. I downloaded each page individually and then found out there was a PDF of the whole thing! I downloaded the Palmer Method of Business Writing. Thank you.

George — Toronto, CANADA


A marvelous experience to peruse through your website. Your efforts to promote calligraphy and penmanship are outstanding! and no doubt, are lauded by the rest of your viewership who are keen to know what a fine sophisticated and most enlightened art the written word can be with a little imagination and a lot of heart++++. Hope the convention can roll through Toronto, Canada someday!. Keep up the good work!


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