Erica Richardson — Brooklyn, New York


For a while now I have been searching for a site or for a school where I can learn calligraphy. I recently came upon your site and I was very much impressed. I have no formal training but I would like to learn. Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Jose Ocasio, MD — Puerto Rico


Excellent site, and most instructional. I'm more interested in business penmanship, such as Palmer's and Mary L. Champion's. It is the method I was taught back in grade school, and practicing it again has really improved my "physician's handwriting."

Thank you, Iampeth.

Richard Muffler — Idaho Falls, Idaho


I find it interesting that a person by the same name as mine is displayed on your site. I would like to get in touch with him and exchange genealogy, as I am a genealogy buff. Richard (Dick) Muffler Idaho Falls, Idaho

LeAnna — United States


I have found your site to be very helpful! I own an 1870's scrapbook that looks VERY simular to the scrapbooks you show! It pretty much landed in my hand at a yard sale. I knew nothing about this book. Although, I paid attention to names of the artist whom artwork I have in ORIGINAL context! Now, I have found out that I own in MY possession, some of Flickinger's work, and tons of letters written to and artwork by Wiessahahn! SO! If anyone could help me out in learning about it's worth, I would love to hear from you!


P.S. My email is:

Linda Weeks — Maryland


Thank you, Iampeth; I have gleaned a great deal of very useful information from your site. Someday I shall join the group officially.

Ahmed — Egyptian


Hello Mr James...

Truley i was shocked with the Data in this site.. (god bless).. and for the effort u did in it... im truley thankful... and now im learning in ur lessons and your books... which is outstanding... books .. i could not even dream to have .... Iam an Arabic Calligraphier.. and i do it good.. but in english .. i just started... thank you .... hope you make some fourm like we do in arabic calligraphy.... so u can exchange all the experiances between u and the begenniers....

thanx and god bless u...

Ahmed Adel

Egyptian .. work in Saudi Arabia

Sandy Odom — Austin, TX


Thanks for this wonderful resource!


May 17, 2008

I Love this Site. It's so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!

James E. Merritt — Des Moines, Iowa



Great website, keep up the good work!!

Take care and have a great day!!

James E. Merritt

Joe Vitolo — Brookfield, WI


As always James, absolutely wonderful!

Rich — Leawood, KS


Works fine in Safari 3.1.1 ........ a nice feature for the website!


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