Bertha Murrieta — Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico


Congratulations for the work you are doing. I want to promote handwriting in a museum house dedicated to a writer in Coatepec, my hometown. It is a beautiful place in Mexico, if any of you would be interested in an exchange with us, we would provide room and board in exchange for a course. Please find more information in our website

Andrea — Orlando, FL


Hi there, I was very intrigued by the site and I think the work is beautiful! I have great admiration and appreciation for what you all do...true artists!

Kristin — Long Island, NY


What a great surprise coming across this website. I have been a calligrapher for over 5 years, yet I never thought to search around for an organization for Penmanship/Calligraphy. The links are useful and are very much appreciated. Thank you!

manish — India


Well this website is overwhelmingly a pleasant surprise. It is unbelievable that so many people still want to learn the art of good writing. Well good writing these days is of course an ART.

Tony — Spain


I am a 62 year old Englishman currently living in Spain. I started calligraphy about 12 months ago and discovered your website about six months ago. Your site has inspired me to keep working hard at calligraphy and the videos have really helped me to develop my skills. Thank You. This is a great site.

Dustin — Rural NC, USA


Hi there. Just a quick comment. I'd like to say thanks for the guidelines, and the several books you have posted on your website

Have a good day.



I stumbled onto your web site, I really enjoyed it, My dad taught penmanship in the seminary where he was going to school in the first part of the last century, he passed away when I was young, I always admired good penmanship so I will see if I can learn.



I stumbled onto your web site, I really enjoyed it, My dad taught penmanship in the seminary where he was going to school in the first part of the last century, he passed away when I was young, I always admired good penmanship so I will see if I can learn.

Candice — .



I have been inspired by your and other websites to learn Spencerian as a New Years Resolution. I've always had lovely penmanship (not to pat myself on the back) and I wish to take it up to the next level. Wish me luck!

Isaac — Alaska


A student of mine just brought in his copy of the Portfolio of Ornate Penmanship, an A. N. Palmer Company publication from The American Penman. We see that you have a PDF of the same on this site. We are wondering how old the portfolio is. Just curious. Looked and could not find a date.

Thank you so much.

Isaac from Alaska

**IAMPETH Reply**

Kathy Saunders - NY

The best date I can come up with is 1896, although there could have been later reprints.

Sara — Mexico


Hello!! This site is sooo great, i've just started to do calligraphy since January of this year. I really love calligraphy it's such a beautiful and awesome art!! I'm on the Mexican Society of Calligraphers and Illuminators, please take a look and i hope someday you do an Internacional Convention. Here is the link

philip — United Kingdom


After searching for a good (excellent website )i found yours its amazing

from across the pond


Erica Richardson — Brooklyn, New York


For a while now I have been searching for a site or for a school where I can learn calligraphy. I recently came upon your site and I was very much impressed. I have no formal training but I would like to learn. Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Jose Ocasio, MD — Puerto Rico


Excellent site, and most instructional. I'm more interested in business penmanship, such as Palmer's and Mary L. Champion's. It is the method I was taught back in grade school, and practicing it again has really improved my "physician's handwriting."

Thank you, Iampeth.

Richard Muffler — Idaho Falls, Idaho


I find it interesting that a person by the same name as mine is displayed on your site. I would like to get in touch with him and exchange genealogy, as I am a genealogy buff. Richard (Dick) Muffler Idaho Falls, Idaho

LeAnna — United States


I have found your site to be very helpful! I own an 1870's scrapbook that looks VERY simular to the scrapbooks you show! It pretty much landed in my hand at a yard sale. I knew nothing about this book. Although, I paid attention to names of the artist whom artwork I have in ORIGINAL context! Now, I have found out that I own in MY possession, some of Flickinger's work, and tons of letters written to and artwork by Wiessahahn! SO! If anyone could help me out in learning about it's worth, I would love to hear from you!


P.S. My email is:

Linda Weeks — Maryland


Thank you, Iampeth; I have gleaned a great deal of very useful information from your site. Someday I shall join the group officially.

Ahmed — Egyptian


Hello Mr James...

Truley i was shocked with the Data in this site.. (god bless).. and for the effort u did in it... im truley thankful... and now im learning in ur lessons and your books... which is outstanding... books .. i could not even dream to have .... Iam an Arabic Calligraphier.. and i do it good.. but in english .. i just started... thank you .... hope you make some fourm like we do in arabic calligraphy.... so u can exchange all the experiances between u and the begenniers....

thanx and god bless u...

Ahmed Adel

Egyptian .. work in Saudi Arabia

Sandy Odom — Austin, TX


Thanks for this wonderful resource!


May 17, 2008

I Love this Site. It's so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!

James E. Merritt — Des Moines, Iowa



Great website, keep up the good work!!

Take care and have a great day!!

James E. Merritt


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