IAMPETH Scrapbook 1

The IAMPETH Scrapbooks contain some of the most remarkable penmanship exemplars from the Golden Age of Ornamental Penmanship (1875-1925). Master Penmen such as Madarasz, Lupfer, Courtney, Behrensmeyer, Wonnell and many others have some of their work contained on the pages. Ornamental Script, off-hand Bird Flourishing, Photographs, Drawings and nearly all manner of penwork are preserved for study, posterity and to show all lovers of Penmanship and the Lettering Arts of today, what was accomplished by the Masters of their time.

The works however are finite and fragile. Thanks to the modern inventions of the computer and scanner, the images are now preserved electronically, not only for this generation of Penmen, but for future artists in ink. And they are available to be seen and studied at any time and by anyone with access to cyberspace.

It was a privilege and pleasure for me to scan these works and assist in a small way in making this collection of images available to all.

Be prepared to marvel at what can be accomplished with Pen, Ink and a Love of Writing.


Nick D'Aquanno
December 2006