Annual Conference

The IAMPETH Annual Conference, for IAMPETH members only, is a wonderful week spent learning the pen arts with some of the best penmen and calligraphic artists in the country.

You must be a member to attend our conference. 

If you were a member as of March 4, 2023, you are eligible for priority registration on March 18th, 2023. If you joined IAMPETH after March 4, 2023, you will be eligible for registration beginning April 1, 2023, space permitting.

Everything you need to know about our conference, including class schedule, can be obtained by clicking on the registration booklet below. You can view it online and download it if you wish. When you are done viewing, click the X in the corner (mobile device), or hit ESC on your computer keyboard, to return here.



Enjoy a look into the past!

Omaha, Nebraska 2021 Group Photo

Denver, Colorado 2019 Group Photo

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2018 Group Photo

Louisville, Kentucky 2017 Group Photo

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2012 Group Photo




Conference Information

Our conferences have several unique features:

Conference eventExcellent instructors have included: Paul Antonio, Mike Kesceg*, Valerie Weilmunster, Michael Sull*, Maria Thomas, John DeCollibus*, Bill Lilly*, Cathy Ledeker, Vivian Mungall*, Heather Held, Rick  Muffler*, Dr. Joseph Vitolo, Suzanne Cunningham, Marie Hornback, and Rosemary Buczek* to name just a few. 

Cutting edge technology is used for workshops, such as the Dukane digital projection system. The system allows the instructor to project his or her hand as the pen makes the stroke. Watching the instructor's hand actually use the pen or brush is the best way to learn the pen arts.

Half-day and full-day courses give the student the opportunity to learn a broad variety of skills from several different instructors.

Reasonable prices. A week of instruction for less than the price of many weekend workshops makes the IAMPETH Conference one of the best calligraphic bargains to be found.Conference event

 Instructors. The Conference instructors are paid a small stipend for sharing their gift of teaching with fellow IAMPETH members. They do, however pay all of their own travel and food expenses, allowing us to keep registration fees low. This is truly unique, and one more reason why our Conference is such a magical week.

The IAMPETH Archive Collection, an amazing collection of rare samples of historic master penmanship, is available all week long for attendees to see and study.

Friends and Fellowship. Spend a week renewing old friendships and starting new ones with like-minded scribes who share the love of calligraphy, engrossing and beautiful penmanship.


Artisan Marketplace

The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH) is an annual conference bringing together approximately 250 of its members from the United States and abroad for classes, meetings, social events, and community-building. IAMPETH is currently accepting applications from vendors of select and unique items for its Artisan Marketplace, which will be held the full week of the conference.

Please download both the Information and the Application.




Upcoming Conferences

July 17-22, 2023, Scranton, Pennsylvania

Information will be available in early 2023 for IAMPETH’s 74th annual conference. Conference registration will begin March 18, 2023.  Registration priority is given to our current members.


Announcing our 75th IAMPETH Conference…
July 1-6, 2024, San Antonio, Texas

Announcing the 2024 Conference Logo Contest! To find out more, and see examples of past logos, return to the home page and login to your account.  The information will be under UPDATES.

2023 logo

Past Conferences

Date Title President Location
2023, Jul 17 2023 IAMPETH Conference Ann Cobb 100 Adams Avenue
Scranton, PA
2022, Jul 11 The 73rd Annual Conference Jody Meese 3300 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA
2021, Aug 02 The 72nd Annual Conference Neil McCaffery 222 N. 10th Street
Omaha, NE
2020, Jul 06 The 71st Annual Conference Jody Meese 3300 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA
2019, Jul 15 The 70th Annual Conference Marie Hornback 3203 Quebec Street
Denver, CO
2018, Aug 06 The 69th Annual Conference Debi Zeinert 509 West Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI
2017, Jul 10 The 68th Annual Conference Bryan Platt 311 South Fourth Street
Louisville, KY
2016, Jul 11 The 67th Annual Convention 909 N Hayden Island Dr
Portland, OR
2015, Jul 13 The 66th Annual Convention Ann Cobb 700 Cool Springs Blvd
Franklin, TN
2014, Aug 04 The 65th Annual Iampeth Convention Heather Victoria Held 8787 Keystone Crossing
Indianapolis, IN
2013, Jul 08 The 64th Annual Iampeth Convention Bill Kemp 800 Rio Grande Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM
2012, Aug 06 The 63rd Annual Iampeth Convention Debi Zeinert 509 W Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI
2011, Jul 11 The 62nd Annual Iampeth Convention Jenny Muffler 2630 E Camelback Rd
Phoenix, AZ
2010, Aug 09 The 61st Annual Iampeth Convention Vivian Mungall 1751 Hotel Plaza Blvd
Lake Buena Vista, FL
2009, Jul 13 The 60th Annual Iampeth Convention Janie Cravens 920 Broadway
Nashville, TN
2008, Aug 04 The 59th Annual Convention Richard Muffler 50-777 Santa Rosa Plaza
La Quinta, CA
2007, Jul 09 The 58th Annual Convention Neil McCaffery 1 E 45th St
Kansas City, MO
2006, Jul 10 The 57th Annual Convention Karen Brooks 1801 N Naper Blvd
Naperville, IL
2005, Aug 08 The 56th Annual Convention Angela Welch 300 Bourbon St
New Orleans, LA
2004, Jul 12 The 55th Annual Convention Sharon D. Eisman 1 Orms St
Providence, RI
2003, Jul 07 The 54th Annual Convention James Williams 1260 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH

Conferences Through the Years

Since the idea first originated in 1949 with Fred and Eileen Richardson, the organization has met every year, attracting both young and old alike who share the love of calligraphy, engrossing and beautiful penmanship.

Compiled by Kathy Saunders


Date President Location

2002, July 8 to 13

Rosemary Buczek

Hyatt Regency, Oakbrook, Illinois

2001, July 8 to 14

Michael Sull

Holiday Inn, Kansas City, Missouri

2000, July 10 to 14

Les Twiford

Ramada Inn, Williamsburg, Virginia

1999, July 12 to 17

Richard Muffler

Sheraton Four Points, Rochester, New York

1998, July 13 to 18

Richard Muffler

Holiday Inn Select, Atlanta, Georgia

1997,July 8 to 12

John DeCollibus

Radisson Inn, Marlborough, Massachusetts

1996, July 10 to 13

James Miller

Lenox Inn, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

1995, August 1 to 4

Rosemary Buczek

Grand Summit Hotel, Summit, New Jersey

1994, July 13 to 16

Gayle Henion

Holiday Inn Downtown, Williamsburg, Virginia

1993, July 7 to 10

Jim Davis

Holiday Inn, Birmingham, Alabama

1992, July 8 to 12

Dr. Walter Barbe

Harley Hotel, Columbus, Ohio

1991, July 10 to 14

Dan Calendo

Market Place Inn, Rochester, New York

1990, June 24 to 29

Jeffrey George

Eden Resort Inn, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

1989, July 9 to 14

Buddy Blackwell

Writer's Manor, Denver, Colorado

1988, July 10 to 15

Virginia Hannah

Harley Hotel, Columbus, Ohio

1987, July 12 to 17

Irene Calendo

Ramada Inn, Rochester, New York

1986, July 6 to 11

Walter Williamson

Governor's House, Washington, DC

1985, July 5 to 11

James L. Hayes

Harley Hotel, Columbus, Ohio

1984, July 8 to 14

James L. Hayes

Pheasant Run, St. Charles, Illinois

1983, July 10 to 15

Irene Calendo

Marriott Hotel, Rochester, New York

1982, July 11 to 16

Tom Wasylyk

Harley Hotel, Columbus, Ohio

1981, June 18 to 24

Tom Wasylyk

Killarney Mountain Lodge, Killarney, Ontario

1980, July 13 to 18

Tom Tufo

Holiday Inn, Denver, Colorado

1979, July 15 to 20

John Schirmer

Atwood Lake Lodge, Dellroy, Ohio

1978, July 9 to 14

Irene Calendo

American Inn, Rochester, New York

1977, July 10 to 15

John Jose

Seaway Towers Hotel, Toronto, Ontario

1976, July 11 to 16

Dudley Arnold

Atwood Lake Lodge, Dellroy, Ohio

1975, August 8 to 14

Fred Richardson

Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario

1974, August 19 to 23

W. Travis Jones

Holiday Inn, Ligonier, Pennsylvania

1973, July 30 to Aug 3

Helen Tyson

Atwood Lake Lodge, Dellroy, Ohio

1972, August 2 to 7

Bohdan Pitchko

University of British Columbia, Vancouver

1971, August 1 to 6

Dudley Arnold

The Town House, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

1970, August 2 to 7

Ann Dee

Atwood Lake Lodge, Dellroy, Ohio

1969, August 10 to 15

Ann Dee

Atwood Lake Lodge, Dellroy, Ohio

1968, August 17 to 24

Roy Manley

Aston Villa, Bracebridge, Ontario

1967, August 12 to 19

Martha Elder

Town House Hotel, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

1966, August 20 to 27

Ed Hippensteel

Aston Villa, Bracebridge, Ontario

1965, August 7 to 14

Raymond Kasten

Aston Villa, Bracebridge, Ontario

1964, August 8 to 15

Kevin McCray

Lakeside-On-Erie, Ohio

1963, August 12 to 19

Paula Loya

Town House Hotel, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

1962, July 7 to 14

Eileen Richardson

Aston Villa, Bracebridge, Ontario

1961, August 12 to 19

Eileen Richardson

Aston Villa, Bracebridge, Ontario

1960, August 13 to 20

Louis DiGesare

New Hoffman Hotel, Bedford, Pennsylvania

1959, July 11 to 17

Miss Ann Loomis

Gil-Mar Lodge, Dunston, Ontario


Parker Zaner Bloser

Old Mill Art School, Elizabethtown, New York

1957, August 21 to 27

Parker Zaner Bloser

Gil-Mar Lodge, Dunston, Ontario

1956, June 30 to July 7

Professor G.G. Craig

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky


Major F.O. Anderson

Gil-Mar Lodge, Dunston, Ontario

1954, July 12 to 14

Rene Guillard

Geneva, Ohio "Spencerian Centennial"

1953, June 27 to July 4

Fred Richardson

Gil-Mar Lodge, Dunsford, Ontario

1952, June 28 to July 7

Fred Richardson

Gil-Mar Lodge, Dunsford, Ontario

1951, June 30 to July 7

Rene Guillard

Ottawa, Ontario

1950, June 15 to 22

First Meeting

Lake Nippissing, Ontario