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Board of Directors

Our organization is completely volunteer founded, organized, and maintained. We are grateful to the dedicated members who donate their time, expertise, and energy to the betterment of IAMPETH and our community.

Jennifer Cathey


Jennifer has lived most of her life in Texas, but she and her husband, Blake, always enjoy traveling and learning about different cultures. A retired nurse, she now has time to devote to her many interests, grandchildren, and precious dog Winston, a Havanese/Poodle mix. A dear friend diagnosed Jennifer with Multiple-Muse Disorder because she’s never met a craft or hobby she didn’t want to try! 

Christen Turney

1st Vice President

Marketing director by day, scribe by night/weekend/any moment in between, Christen lives in southeastern Virginia with her husband, Will, and sweet pitbull, Niko. Born and raised in New Jersey (and she will let you know it), Christen is a long-time pianist, amateur baker, serial crafter, snowboarder, podcast host and author. In her free time, you'll find Christen at the beach sketching and painting the beautiful greens and blues of the Chesapeake Bay, or attempting beach calligraphy on a sandbar.

Mike Ward

2nd Vice President

Marie Hornback

Recording Secretary

Marie is a professional teacher and trainer of cursive handwriting, pointed pen scripts and broad edge hands.  Marie is also an etiquette coach and teaches dining skills, business, and international protocol. She keeps chicken and bees and bakes her own bread.  Marie also enjoys sewing, baking, and traveling.  

Kathy Saunders

Corresponding Secretary

Kathleen Markham


Kathy has lived all her life in a 20 mile radius on Long Island in New York.  Doing her calligraphy jobs late at night after her regular job, she was nicknamed the "Midnight Scribbler" by a fellow scribe.  Her favorite time, other than enjoying time with her grandsons, family and friends, is time spent playing with all things cardmaking; paper engineering, die cutting, stamping, and stenciling.

Nancy Markisohn

Assistant Treasurer

Nancy is a lifelong crafter. Her youngest always joked that there was no need to go to a craft store, as everything they sold was already in the home. She was hooked after her first calligraphy class in 2013. This was after years of buying the “Teach Yourself Calligraphy” books from Michael’s that were never opened until long after the pens had dried out. Nancy has been hooked on attending IAMPETH conferences since her first in Indianapolis.

Cassie Thomas

Penman's Journal Editor

Cassie is an illumination enthusiast whose journey into calligraphy was sparked by an ornate gold inkwell that sat on her grandfather's desk when she was young. This inkwell inspired her to take her first calligraphy class where she learned of IAMPETH and later attended her first conference in Portland, Oregon in 2016. Cassie works professionally as a Media Buyer and Marketing Manager and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her Silken Windhound, Arlow.

Kalo Chu

Membership Director

Kalo is a Hong Kong-based calligrapher, specializing in Engrosser's Script and Spencerian. She founded "Kalo Make Art" in 2015 to promote calligraphy, handwriting and penmanship. Since attending her first IAMPETH conference in Portland in 2016, Kalo has been captivated by the warmth of the calligraphy community and regularly attends the conference. She has earned the IAMPETH Certificate of Excellence in both Engrosser's Script and Spencerian.

Debi Zeinert


Debi is a left-handed calligrapher from the Chicago area.  As a child, she remembers tracing the graceful capital M's written by her grandmother on her birthday card envelopes. And before she even heard the word 'calligraphy', she would cut pretty alphabets out of magazines.

Heather Held

Assistant Webmaster

Heather operates The Victorian Pen studio in Ontario, Canada. She is a certified Floral Designer but gave up her work in the floral industry to embrace calligraphy which her husband thought would be a cheap hobby for her! Through IAMPETH, Heather has met her mentors and her dearest friends. Although not a cheap hobby, the world of calligraphy has enriched Heather’s life and filled her bookshelves to overflowing.

Melissa Esplin

Member At Large

Melissa , a passionate hobbyist, adores calligraphy, sewing, photography, cooking, design, art, biking, motherhood, and binge-watching TV. Her love for calligraphy blossomed in childhood, leading her to start a stationery business at 15. In 2009, she delved into calligraphy earnestly, inspired by her great-great grandfather’s Atkinson Sign Painter’s book.  Now, after 14 years, she teaches calligraphy and art classes online through Melissa resides with her husband and three art-loving kids in Utah’s snow-capped mountains.

Amy Owens

Member At Large

In her free moments while raising four handsome sons, you can find Amy decorating epic birthday cakes, walking with her identical twin sister, and planning her next fountain pen purchase. She has worked as an architect, owned her own wedding stationery design company, homeschooled those four boys, and currently teaches the art of beautiful handwriting at a private school in Cincinnati.

Sondra Simon Goldman

Scholarship Chair

Robert Hurford

Historian/Archive Chair

Kestrel Montes

Media Chair

Kestrel, a former Spanish and math teacher from the Northern California Wine Country,  is founder of and the creative force behind INKMETHIS. Aside from serving her own students and clients, Kestrel is perhaps better known for creating innovative tools and resources for the calligraphy community. Kestrel's own success as a professional artist paired with her Master's Degree in Educational Leadership, gives her a unique skill set to create quality educational opportunities and enhance professional community building.

Jody Meese

Certificate Chair

Jody Meese, the talent behind Mil Plumas Calligraphy & Engraving, is a renowned calligrapher based in the California Bay Area. A former professional flutist, she holds music degrees from the Hartt School and CalArts. Jody is a past president of IAMPETH and is recognized in the Book of Honor for implementing innovative programs to benefit the Membership.

Ann Cobb

Immediate Past President

IAMPETH is grateful for the members who have dedicated their time and expertise to the betterment of the organization. Board Members serve voluntarily at the pleasure of the membership.

Chart of Past Board Members



IAMPETH is an international, non-profit association over 1500 members strong dedicated to practicing and preserving the beautiful arts of calligraphy, engrossing and fine penmanship. Founded in 1949, it is the oldest and largest penmanship organization in the United States.

IAMPETH is a leader in calligraphic education, and dedicated to helping novices and experts alike improve their lettering and artistic skills. Our Archive Collection of the works of past masters is the richest and most comprehensive collection of American Penmanship in the world.

IAMPETH's goals are to 1. Practice and teach the beautiful arts of calligraphy, engrossing and fine penmanship 2. Restore the teaching of penmanship in schools 3. Improve the handwriting of young people, and 4. Preserve and share with others the rich tradition of American Penmanship.

IAMPETH embraces the full range of lettering arts - from historic illumination and gilding, to text lettering, engrossing, broad-edge and pointed pen scripts.

Our Annual Conference, held every year since 1949, is a wonderful week of learning the pen arts taught by some of the best penmen and calligraphic artists in the country.

Our History

Founding Members: Eileen Richardson, Fred Richardson, J.J. Bailey, H.J. Walter, Charles Begin, Rene Guillard, Enrique Benguria

In 1949, while building a cottage on an island in Lake Nipissing, Ontario, Eileen and Fred Richardson had a vision in which penmen could get together and share techniques and ideas not just about doing fine penmanship, but teaching the art as well. The following year a group of master penmen met at Lake Nipissing and formed a group called the International Association of Master Penmen and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPTH). In 1973, the letter 'E' was added to recognize the contributions of engrossers and remains as we know it today, IAMPETH.

Those present with the Richardsons were their mentor, J.J. Bailey of Chicago, H.J. Walter of Chicago, Charles Begin of Quebec City, Rene Guillard of Evanston, IL, and Enrique Benguria of Cuba. This group's main interest was to find a way to restore penmanship in schools and improve the handwriting of young people.

Since that first gathering on Lake Nipissing, the organization has met every year, attracting both young and old alike who share the love of calligraphy, engrossing and beautiful penmanship.

Here are some historical photos from some of the early IAMPETH conventions. Pictured are past President P.Z. Bloser (Zaner-Bloser), E.A. Lupfer of The Zanerian College, Louis DiGesare and Mrs. F.B. Courtney (wife of the late pen wizard).