Barbara Close: Uncial

Barbara Close
Thursday, July 18, 2019
All day

A study of Uncial lettering, 4th century into the Middle Ages, will include background information and instruction in writing it for modern use. A detailed ductus for each letter, variations in style, examples of a modern Uncial hand, and suggestions for learning and practice will be included. Uncial is a minuscule alphabet only, and if a capital is needed, the minuscule letter is simply enlarged and placed in the proper position. We shall be writing at different x-heights and nib widths, producing different effects.


Broad-edge nibs in straight holders, ink, and paper are needed as follows:
Nibs: Speedball Series C (C-1, C-2, and C-3) – 3 nibs total. Or you may prefer other brands, such as Brause, Hiro (Tape), Mitchell, or Tachikawa, in equivalent sizes OR Pilot Parallel Pens in equivalent sizes. Holders, straight: One for each of the 3 nibs - 3 total, or you may use only one holder and change nib sizes as needed. Suggested inexpensive holders: Black Speedball Plastic Holder; Grey Plastic Holder (Caran D’Ache 114, Swiss); or Universal Pen-holder. Ink: Higgins Eternal (black); walnut ink; or any kind you prefer that does not feather or bleed on translucent paper. Paper: Borden & Riley Boris Layout Translucent Bond, 9” x 12”, 50- or 100-sheet pad. Miscellaneous: 3-4 paper clips, small jar of water, tissues or soft cloth or similar material, pencil, notebook.

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