Janet Takahashi: LETTERS of WHIMSEY and the Art of Finding Creativity

LETTERS of WHIMSEY and the Art of Finding Creativity
Janet Takahashi
Friday, July 14, 2017
All day

Learn how to create and draw whimsical, imaginative letters and backgrounds. Step by-step drawing and painting exercises will improve and develop your drawing skills and guide you into making creative and unique letterforms through analyzing the anatomy of alphabets. Take this journey unlocking the mystery of creating whimsey to your letterforms. The ingredients of line, color, depth and dimension, perspective, shading and light will be some elements explored on our playful canvas with sure-fire creative results. We will start with the basics of drawing techniques, make swashes of color and in-depth shading on a letterform. The Letters are the end result of the journey Creativity. The Whimsey is the icing on the cake and the touch of imagination that merges new combinations of imagery. The Art is all about the creative Process of discovery and having fun.


Paper: 9”x12” Strathmore Drawing pad 400 series, 24 sheets, 80 lbs (or equivalent), sheets of tracing paper. Writing/Paint Tools: HB and 4B graphite pencils, a few colored pencils and white. Waterproof pens: black Micron Pigma pens (or equivalent) and two Sharpie markers (one thick weight and one thin.) A water-soluble pen (such as Tombow Dual brush marker- black or sepia, or a Speedball Elegant Writer, F). Gel pens (for color), a pointed flexible nib in penholder (straight or oblique), any brush marker of your choice. Sizes #4 and #8 pointed round watercolor brush, 1/2 inch flat brush, C thru clear plastic grid ruler, masking tape, pencil sharpener, eraser. Paint/Ink: A small set of watercolors and paint palette for mixing watercolors (you can use the inside lid of watercolor set). Ink of choice (such as Walnut, McCaffery’s. Sumi or other), Dr. Martin’s Bleed Proof White, water and water container, few paper towels. Optional: Fine-tec Gold if you want to add some metallic accents.

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