Janet Takahashi: The Artful Craft of Map-Making

The Artful Craft of Map-Making
Janet Takahashi
Friday, August 6, 2021
All day

Create an illustrated hand-drawn map with ink and pointed pen, and bits of color. Explore event maps, travel sketchbooks, mind maps, and imaginary places. Develop your own process for making maps communicate and tell stories by combining elements of map lettering, drawn symbols, banners and decorative elements, a rose compass, and a 3-D landscape. 


Strathmore Drawing Paper pad, 9” x 12”, Layout Marker paper: Canson or Bienfang (3 sheets), tracing paper (2 sheets), graph paper (2 sheets), Pigma Micron pens - 01 black or sepia, HB and 3B graphite pencils, an eraser, pointed flexible pen nib (your preference) and pen holder. Ink: black or walnut, 12” see-through ruler, few colored pencils, 2-3 fine brush markers for lettering, pencil, compass or circle template, scissors, and removable scotch tape.

Optional Supplies HB pencil - mechanical, pale grey brush marker (for shading) or silver grey colored pencil, Pigma Calligrapher Pen, 10mm (it is 1mm) or similar.

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