Maria Helena Hoksch: Copperplate in the 21st Century

Copperplate in the 21st Century
Maria Helena Hoksch
Friday, July 19, 2019
All day

This class will take a look at so-called modern calligraphy, seen everywhere nowadays. Chances are you either love it or hate it. I hated it, untill I decided that if I can’t beat them, join them. I chose to benefit rather than lose out by taking a closer look at this popular approach to lettering. So should you. Developing this course, I put endless time, study, and, hopefully, some sense into this rather provocative “new hand on the block”. I took my serious decades-long classic training, and applied some freedom, contemporary energy, and movement to it. Freedom sounds and feels good, but only if we do not end up with cacophony, instead of harmony. Harmony in modern calligraphy means, to me, consistency combined with some human/individual variety, resulting in
the most pleasing thing to the human eye. What we aim for will not look rigid or technical in the least. We will determine which rules and how many we can discard, in order NOT to venture into dilettante territory, which can produce a childish look. Let’s test it, you will be eventually working towards your own very personal style, mine is just a start, just a version. But hopefully you will end up with a legible script, that your peers will respect, fans admire, and your clients find lovely and useful.


Canson Pro Marker pad, oblique pen holder, Hunt 101 and your favorite pointed nib, black ink (such as Sumi), ink dipping dish, paper towels.

Smooth black paper (pad), Dr. Martin’s bleed-proof white, tube of gouache in any color, erasable white pencil (such as Fons Porter mechanical), black eraser, mixing brush, dropper, another dipping dish, Flexible Rule by Letterlines.

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