Maria Helena Hoksch: The Wandering Line

The Wandering Line
Maria Helena Hoksch
Tuesday, August 3, 2021
All day

The Wandering Line - How to Letter Script in Waves, Circles, and Other Nonlinear Paths. This intriguing daylong class is designed especially for IAMPETH ’21 for pointed pen lovers who are adventurous enough to bend some rules and abandon strict formality. Known worldwide for her creative variants of copperplate like Seastones, Maria is taking you to a yet another new world, where lines you letter on are no longer straight, but create interesting patterns, energy, and even mystery. How and wheather to keep the legibility? How to lead the eye along a curved path without visible breaks? What happens to the known Copperplate slant? How to make acenders and decenders work to your advantage? Come and find out in this one-of-a-kind class, perhaps taught only this once.


Canson Pro Layout marker pad, pencil, black ink, oblique pen holder, nibs (perhaps Hunt 101), Dr. Martin’s Bleed-proof White, black smooth paper, white mechanical pencil, the usual stuff (like towels, containers, mix-brush, eraser, ruler, etc.) Optional: white Saral transfer paper; we will also try to have few elliptical templates at IAMPETH store.

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