Randall Hasson: Lettering of the 20's & 30's

Lettering of the 20's & 30's
Randall Hasson
Wednesday, July 17, 2019
All day

An exploration of the tools and techniques used for lettering in the early 20th century, featuring the bent-nib Speedball pen. Students will explore drawn Roman lettering, pen lettering with Speedball A, B and D nibs, and the extreme flexibility of the Speedball C nib that can be used for larger scale variations of “pointed pen” work.
The lettering artists of this time used variations of lettering forms with which we are familiar as calligraphers, and these variations will be explored and compared with modern forms. The participant should expect to have an expanded knowledge and repertoire of tools, techniques, and the ability to adapt and innovate with their letter-forms, as well as a “rediscovery” of vintage pen nibs.


Graph paper (11’ X 17’, available from Paper and Ink Arts) ; Nibs and Holders: Speedball A, B and D nibs in at least sizes 1 and 3 (more choices are better); a Speedball C-5 (and optional C-6); freely flowing ink such as walnut or your favorite. There will be a Materials fee of $15 that includes the “Writing with a Bent Nib” handout booklet - over 40 pages comb-bound detailing each section of the class

Any papers you’d like to write on if you don’t want to work on graph paper.

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